Hello! I am new here!

Hello fellow players, I am new here and wanted to say!



I’m fine! 20 characters

Good to hear

Why you hacks? You can types less than 20 characters! BREEEEEE!!!

Magic ways my friend

Lol! Teach me Sensei!

Is there some tradition that a new player does when he joins this forum?
Edit: Just found edit button

New users read forum rules and behave well, dont know about any othe tradition
If you want to have less than 20 visible characters use “<” and “>” and fill up space between those with anything like that < idirodorjrir > but without space between filler and pointers

Oh ok

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Is my profile pic considered inappropriate?

Its okay i guess

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Michael Myers sexy af

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Hi and welcome to the forum…

Welcome, fellow pilot!

Enjoy the salt of the “pro” players as they argue about balance and stuff :smiley:

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Say what?

greetings gentleman.
i hope you enjoy your stay here.

Yes, they buy me tokens.

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“Welcome to the salty spitoon, how tough are ya?”

welcome… to the forums