Hello! I am GD Charles

Hello! I am GD Charles!/CRUSHER/CRUSHER MARK 2/ * xX CRUSHER MARK 3 Xx * but we’ll get onto that later

I have played SuperMechs since 2014 and in every single one of my past accounts I have been rank 1.and on one of them I was rank 1 in 8 days :wink:

I enjoy this game a lot despite the p2p stuff and myself, I am a f2p player.
I am ok at strategy and builds!

My Story
I started this game off in January 2014 with the name of CRUSHER.
I used to write in ALL CAPS for some reason because I was 8 lol and I was a pretty good player! However, straight after having Nic giving me 120 tokens, because I almost beat them by 200hp somehow a fake WarrMachine somehow hacked my account and I was really sad…
So I made a new account called CRUSHER MARK 2!
This was a very good for rank 15 at least electric mech account which I was having fun with but then guess what? I FORGOT MY USERNAME! After this incident, I was legitimately crying so I made a new account: CRUSHER MARK 3 which I later named * xX CRUSHER MARK 3 Xx *. This was by far my most successful account because I played on it for 1.5-2 years. But then, during the summer holidays of 2017, some malware that I somehow downloaded :no_mouth: was a malware that made other malware, and the malware that wasn’t blocked by Windows Defender infected my network adapter; making my laptop unable to connect to the internet, despite my many attempts in Device Manager. So for the ENTIRE SUMMER HOLIDAY, i just played Undertale and Geometry Dash, making levels. During this period, I got really good at GD. Soon after my laptop was fixed, I went straight onto SuperMechs and, unknown to me, SuperMechs Reloaded had happened. So I quit the game until January 2018. Between September 2017 and January 2018, I was having fun on my Youtube Channel of GD > https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKZNKpRm4RIGeW-bwty_dnw
Now I am back on SM with an account of GD Charles ID: 0708. My highest rank so far is one star away from rank 10.
Wish me luck in the far future![One of my videos!] (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pp9g5JSO9Qc)


Ello mate.How are you?
Also you lost acc?Yeh that happened to me…im sorry for ya

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I’m good!20

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I need to see your mech yeah?
You don’t have to

Welcome Back Crusher :slight_smile:

Welcome back! Hope you enjoy and learn on the forums.

Welcome to the forum! :smiley:

Welcome my friend, hope you enjoy the forums

Welcome back. Good luck and enjoy