Hello, here I am

I am [EE] TheDangerousEngineer, or just FiringBot.
I too late for introducing myself but ok.
I play sm every day. Every. (mean almost lol…)
Here is my introduce neds.
Hello again.

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Is it just me or is everyone introducing themselves now a days saying they never introduced themselves, someone introduced themselves, then I introduced myself and then everyone started copying us…I forgot who I copied but I never knew everyone would start copying after that…oh man…


Just copied DarkWarrior, then he copied… oh.
Sorry :confused:

don’t need to apologize …it’s fine…I was just pointing out that people were introducing themselves alot now a days

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Welcome to the forum!
Im this place you’ll meet a lot of nice and interesting people,you’ll learn all about SM and even more,take part in amazing debates,discussions and ideals and you’ll also have a lot of fun!
I hope we’ll get along well.

Another one has joined our ranks!

Pretty late but I have to welcome you properly

Since you’re our fellow and also because the two of us have crossed our paths a couple times already :slight_smile:

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Hi there!

L4K3 already said everything I wanted to say. So just pretend I said it too. That is, I said what he said if I had said anything.



So I have to introduce myself because I did not appear in the forum I do not remember if I made a subject when I introduced myself xD

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it is still a lot better and a lot more polite, than people appearing here and expecting reverence by their “fame”

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