Hello forum , my name KPAKEH-KRAKEN

Hi, I would like to ask for help in recruiting subscribers for my YouTube channel dedicated to the game of Super Mechs.
I have invested much effort in the development of my channel and continue to develop it, and I would not refuse new viewers.
Creating my videos takes a lot of time, but every week there are 293 videos
on the channel new videos! My clan HARDTOKILL I KPAKEH-KRAKRN Thanks for the earlier.
my channel trailer











293 videos each week? What.


I don’t think he edited his video

Look and you will understand what! It seems to have written everything verbatim. You, as usual, would be smart. I clearly wrote everything! I’m glad to new viewers! Not 293 can be seen per week, but one per week. It’s not my fault that the forum translator lives his life.

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I spend nights making a video! I make intro music, picture! I’m sitting in the editors! And you say that I do not edit the video. Funny.


I make 1-3 videos a week, it all depends on the workload of the schedule! In each series, I do 2 or 3 mythical items! Etc

I am working on my channel! And I’m shooting what’s really interesting!
:sweat_smile: My channel name “G.H.G KPAKEH”

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I remember when you called yourself dark virus, it was only a few months ago, xD


Don’t need to be rude.

And the real editing can only be seen in their quality :wink:


I had many names, the Dark virus was the first of them. After I was a hyena, now it was renamed to kraken, I named my channel G.H.G A kraken is my nickname in the game

I’ve been in SM for more than 7 years, but I appeared on YouTube 2–3 years ago. I started making videos 1 year ago, and 3 months ago I started making videos in editors and working hard on the channel. I released 10 cm parts that were processed, they have a channel intro, each of them is special but the best of all is part 10 -X Revolution, it is not yet available for viewing and will be on the primitive, it will be available next Sunday on my channel, part 9 will be available for viewing already this Sunday, I am already working on parts 11 and 12, I think to do something interesting )
I’m making a video not for myself but for people, and I understand that it should capture, absorb, introduce into the atmosphere of this game. All 10 parts are worth a look, they are really exciting):upside_down_face:This topic has all 10 parts, as I get there I will add new parts here, I did 1-3 mythical items in almost every part) But I would like more new subscribers and viewers)