Hello everyone!

Hi Guys!

My name is Alexander, but please call me Alex. :slight_smile:

I’ve played Battle Dawn since 2006 and was one of the first testers for Super Mechs. I was hired as CM by Ilona in 2015, I administrate Earth 1 (temporarily) since last year and recently took over as Product Manager.

I’ve a thing for corgi’s and a certain RPG you can see on my avatar.

Everyone alright? :slight_smile:


Hey Alex! I am fine, currently navigating through all the features. lol


Hello everyone, I am Jazz.

Been playing this game since 2011, and yes, I know what you are thinking, I am that M1 God.

Lol anyways I run the Flux Family and we run M1.

Always looking for new friends, hit me up at raph.battledawn


Erm dont think i need an introduction :open_mouth:


Who are you, random noob


:wink: it’s me a mario


Hello everyone I am Auto :smiley: I for what ever reason put emoji-es after every half sentence :stuck_out_tongue: but anyway I’ve been playing battle dawn since 2010 I’ve had 3 accounts because I would leave for a couple months and return and by then I have forgotten my password of course hahaha I only have 22 Achievements but I like to pride myself that I am one of the first to get the raze an op achievement :smiley:

Also I love learning new computer programs and learning how to hack windows :smiley: … you know my own computers because anyone elses would be illegal :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hey guys, most eras I go by Lemon. I started playing in 2011, and quit when school started. I am currently going to college and work, but for some reason still trying to juggle BD on top of that. I came back at the start of the Current F1 world and did well for most of it. I plan to be as active as I can be on the Forums as any sign of updates in BD is a step in the right direction to me.


^ this guy here is my main man ^^^^ :smiley: haha


Hey guys, Im Mat and I have been playing BD since 2011.
Over my time here I have been in and out of various volunteering roles including the Maintenance Team and the BattleDawn Tribune. Im really impressed with the new forums and think that it will increase the forum community a hell of a lot!


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Are you know Michael? where he is??

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Michael is the boss man in Israel. He doesn’t too often directly talk with the player base. That would be Alex’s job :grinning:

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Hi Alex!
Well i like this new forums
Just would like new maps on BD please
old maps are boring!
Maps are easy and cheap to make but bring in a lot of difference to the game!
Also better if you could lower the prices of reds to a bit xD

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Hey Alex, nice to meet you