Hello, bad portal update


So, all of us are delighted waking up this morning to see this:

Before anything, I must congratulate the current 50 posters of this thread- we all kept the discussion “civil and clean” instead of cursing and screaming at the top of our lungs, which I am sure many of you felt like doing.

So, devs, change it back please.
Players, do you want them to change it back to how it was with portal fuel cost?

  • Yes
  • No

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Tacticsoft Supermechs team, if you don’t want to change the fuel cost back, and keep it as it is, at the very least increase the drop rates for item portals- on insane mode now, you would have to do only 3 runs before a refill… so at least make these runs worthwile
Option 2- Lower the refill cost
Option 3- Increase fuel cap

And by the way, just to let you know, this nerf of item portals is not neccesary- they are not op. In fact, through many runs and refills, I myself have not gotten a single legendary from the last 2 portals.

I doubt I am going to get a dev comment here, but if so, what is a detailed explanation behind this update? Help us understand…


Well, of course it is to spend our sweated tokens on this “UPDATED” SHIT Portal… Oh well, just want portals like they were before…


They will ignore our idea topic


I want this to be reverted
But I doubt it will happen

They just don’t care
They leave us crying in the dust, because they know we will all eventually get over it and continue playing normally.

That’s what happened with the 2v2 update, didn’t it? Many players begged for the return for 1v1 and 3v3, but untill now it’s still forced 2v2.


Wait Wait Wait Hold on
“Higher Drop rates of Legendaries” ?!
That’s a really sugar coated way to say
“No chance for legends fam, Play BB on Hard instead”


they will do that dude


i have no problem i got 45 tokens in 3 missons so i’m good


Tacticsoft does things reverse right?we should vote no so that they will do this…