Hello all, noob here

Hi, i started playing 2 weeks ago. Very addictive game. I have been doing some research, reading up, and generally having fun in pvp.

I am starting to realize what a grind it will be to get my first mythical part (finding something you can upgrade that high is another story) but over all a fun strategy game. Look foward to seeing you all out there. My name is the same on the game. I have managed to barely make it up to 3 in pvp, but usually hang out around 4 or 5 (damn heat bots)


Hi I am Toxic in the game. Welcome to SuperMechs :grinning:


Thanks, I have seen on here how energy mechs are op, but i dont see it. If you energy break someone their drone will probably work, and you can still fight back (weapons that dont take energy, melee, ect) but once you get shutdown and you cant cool off, you just have to sit there and get pounded or quit. Am I missing something?

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So, so, true. Welcome to the forums!

You have to be really, really strong for energy to be OP. Good energy mechs are hard and expensive to build. They need high heat, high energy and all of the energy mechs most powerful weapons are rare premium items.


Welcome to the forum. i hope you enjoy the game!


Welcome to the forum.

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What i have gathered so far:

Buying tokens for the boxes is useless. They typically give you crappy epic items.

No matter how hard of boss you grind, you get the same crap. It is more efficient to grind the lowest one.

I havent tried big boy on insane yet. Maybe it is different.

I probably game about 3 hours a day. I am not expecting nor do i care to be to be top dog. However, from reading this, i appear to be at a disadvantage to older players that got more frequent, better drops. I do not want to pay money for the crappy mechs they keep offering, or gamble i may get decent items on boxes bought with tokens i spent real money on. I have gotten few actual legendary parts right off the bat.

That is my synopsis thus far.

Yeah, just grind, boost, do the daily missions, and repeat until you have either all legends or one myth. Then you’ll start getting somewhere.

Welcome to the forum

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@Lannister Are you still rocking phyical mechs or nah ? (after nerf)

Yes. And i used GrimReaper torso


Hi u can find me like Franco Flores in game (my real name by login with fb ¬¬)
i comeback 3 weeks ago so im some kind of newbie player
im on rank 5-8 generally
so if u see me at least say hi xD

Hi, my name is Antonio, but in the game Scarlet Dragonfly, that is because of a game failure. I am a 2014 player but I started playing in this year and it took me only two weeks if you see me say hello

hi i am oliboy23 as my username suggests i am not bothered to change but say hi i am in rank 3-8 as i am a weekly player

Funny, you posted this before the drop nerf. Now what is your opinion?

The drop nerf didn’t affect me?

btw I have two mythicals now, working on the third

hey im pretty new and I use an energy mech
what body’s and legs should I use.

Grimreaper for a torso , lightning supporters or charged walkers for legs.

Sparked runners if youg get lucky to get it