Hello all! i need active clan


I’m not necessarily looking for a top clan, the important thing is that it is an active clan in generaly, against titan and for grow up.

i’m renk 10, and thi is my mech:

Thanks to all.


Please come to the clan predator team


привет хоч в наш клан


May I give some tips?
On the phys mech, you can remove the desert fury and annihilation.
Then I would put on another nightfall
Then I would recommend replacing that epic resistance with that mighty protector
Then, replace that cooling booster with an engine.
For the final slot, do either another heat engine or an energy engine.

For the heat:
Try replacing two heat engines with energy engines to make it more rounded.
This is just my personal opinion, its not essential, but a dawnblaze would work better than a corrupt light.
Do you have any other L-M items, by the way?


obviously yes :star_struck:

i like it, it has better statistics in everything.
I’m not sure about mighty protector, because in PVP i found 55% heat mech, 30% energy mech, 15% pys mech.

for the moment I replaced only one, just to test it.

my strategy for 2v2 is to have a pys mech with good stats in everything to resist good against all mechs and do good damage, and then have 1 heat counter and 1 energy counter mech, so I choose one of the two counters based on the opponent’s mechs.

this is my energy counter (in construction)

I’m very undecided between dawnblaze and corrupt light, in generaly i prefer more heat damage.

These are my best item that I do not use:

@Yeet Thanks for your tips!!!


Put that energy storage on your phys.


Those are pretty good mechs for rank 10.


приняти тебе в клан да нет


i have joined your clan


How do you know Russian?


by google translate :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:




You want an active clan… You don’t need one…


и что почему вишел скажи


can we talk in English? I would not understand badly for the translator,
anyway I did not understand if you like that I entered the clan or not, I would like to stay


Hello friend.This is not Russian - it’s an illiterate Ukrainian


hi why then left the clan




I think we did not understand each other, before this post I was not in your clan, after I saw that you invited me and I entered, and I’m in the caln now, and I’d like to stay