Hello all how's everyone doing on this lit dab day

I decided to redownload supermechs after a few years and I never really got into the forums and stuff but I guess I will start now by saying hello to you all


Nugget Sends His Greetings to the Cold And Cruel

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Oh hello : )
Love to see new people here : )

Thanks for the welcome :smile: I’ve lost all my stuff on my old account so I messaged Sarah for some help but in the meantime I’ve just been reading around on some forums and stuff. I was so glad to see this game was still up

Yeah but it will end soon : )
if you want you can join my SM reviving dirty plan 2 or SM-R2 : )

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Hecc why is it ending? I just got back lol how do we keep things going

Yeah but still at least 1 more years don’t need to worry.

You scared me I was worried because I just figured out the battledawn forums were shut down and I had 2 messages I just got and couldn’t view them and it was wack so I was worried


BattleDawn is sold to Gato games and game is not dying lol.

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Thank you for this lol

Mine’s been great! Had some fun with my bf this morning, ate some mcvities choco waffles, and now I’m watching Scream (series)…

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We hope you enjoy your stay

Sadly, your items are deleted after one year of inactivity…


To welcome you as well @cold_and_cruel
If advices are needed on how to progress fast and securely as well as mech builds choice, feel free to contact me :smiley:

I would gladly help out!

There is a lot to think about, especially as the “new” stuff is added in raids and made it harder.

Hopes to see ya around ~

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Say sike right now.

I’ve noticed all the new fun stuff things seem a lot more focused on clans and stuff which is awesome


Hello and welcome…

I’d reply back with a meme but that is perfect, and I cant think of one.
No, I cannot say sike.

This is the only meme i can think of ah-see-you-re-a-man-of-culture-as-well-1731121

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Can’t think of any memes to reply to that.

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100% kek meme right there

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let us know what you got from sarah