HELL YEAH! Who could have seen this coming


My reward for reaching level 120:

Finally lady luck is on my side.


First time I’ve seen a useful level up reward, gz


I was also surprised.
I expected something like a legendary Windigo or so…
and then that thing showed up.


Another one… congratulations


Only L-M I got from levelling up was an Iron Frenzy :neutral_face:


You are luckier than me.


Wow…very cool.
I only have 60+ levels to go…LOL :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


@CloudedSunrise Right as I say I never got anything useful :slight_smile:



20 letters…



And I only got C-E epics…Like many others (and some spent 2000 bucks for that and got a middle finger).
I am honestly shocked,once again.


nothing new for me already 40 runs and 0 legendarys just few epics (guys if i want bost material i can buy some mix boxes and i m pretty sure that i will get more epics XD)
most of the runs i don t even get boxes

insane and hard


There go my almost 50 euros too.
And Metre’s 2000!
All…In a level-up box.


so we got to pay download (2) XD


Something like 999999999999999$ should just do it.
Or a level-up box,your choice :wink:


I got a Mercy for lvl up to 130-140


oh then i night because i am not past that level


Well, I gotta say this is something I never saw coming when I opened a premium box today to get an epic item I need for food to upgrade another epic item.
Instead of an epic item for food I got this:




Ur lucky.


And this is how it starts
And then people ask:why i don t get platinum plating?
Keep posting item drops photos

That s why we have those drop rates guys


With that luck on my side I just opened another 8 premium boxes.

4 were epics, 4 were legendaries.
The first 3 legendaries were Nighmare Torso, Hysteria, Desolation BUT then this appeared just now: