HELL YEAH!I'm gonna have a mini studio at home


too expencive


Tell me: Is that alienware?


the mouse looks like ali A nware
new conspiracy theory:L4K3 IS AN ALIEN


2 ways to say “alien.”
Alien as in a person from a completely different country with different customs.
A highly advanced life form containing technology we as humans have not yet developed.
Either way they both give the same meaning of “foreign.”


Not really.
I mean,it’s very powerful,I bought it less than 1 year ago,but it’s not nearly as powerful as a supercomputer (it has around half the price of a godly gaming computer though).


No,actually,I got a pair of speakers that I connected to the subwoofer (that is pretty huge;it’s an absolute pleasure listening to metal now) along with my old ones for a 4-speaker surround-sound experience and that mouse it a Scorpion I-dunno-what model.


I have something like that… At ‘home’ anyway… I just got bigger screens… And a big speaker… And a glowy keyboard… And a Red Dragon Mouse…
Edit: And a bigger d
Edit 2: And bigger and stronger arms
Edit 3: Seems like my desk may be bigger too if I remember…


I will disagree with that one.


Feel free… You can’t hide from de truth


Do you really want me to go into the bathroom,take a picture and send it to you via PM?
I hope you don’t.Neither of us do.


What if I said yes? :kissing_heart:

I’m bi btw
Just kidding

I am bi though



Are you really bi?


Yes… Yes, I am…



One- I probs do…
Two- At least I can afford an Xbox one and paying £60 on Warframe… Which I do not regret…


i trust ya
i cant just go to your appartment with a ruler to measure how long your dong shlong is


i dont spend monet on games
i only play free ones


I would… But I don’t want to go to the shop and walk back home with a metre stick!


uuuum…i cant tell if thats a compliment or if you are messing with me (probably the second one)


It’s a joke…
It’s one of those which are funny because they’re true…