HELL YEAH!I'm gonna have a mini studio at home


I just got a subwoofer and 2 speakers for free,my mom also bought a new smart TV as a larger screen for her pc and she’ll give me the other one for myself.
I’m gonna couple both screens to my pc (it will take a while to mod it but I know how to do it),then install the subwoofer and mix the 4 speakers as a home cinema audio.METAL’s gonna get loud,folks!
Shit is gonna be great.My desk will now be like a small studio and I can’t f-ing wait for it!!!
I’ll post pics if you wanna see,but later,as I have to prepare everything,move some shit around then organize everything.
Wish me luck!


Nice setup


good for you nice


Here it is!!!


Why do you have a floormat though


I find it more comfortable :slight_smile:


I guess it looks plushy, good luck on it when you get sweaty though, and when you spill tomato sauce on it.


LOVED IT :smiley: I want to do something like this but I don’t have second monitor available


Save some money and do it! :smiley:
It’s awesome.


Ok but first I am saving money to make a home gym. Will do it next.


A home gym is even more awesome!


Thanks dude. Btw when is your next video coming? I watch your videos while I grind the campaign


That’s cool! :laughing:
Well,I should have it uploaded in a couple hours.Still trying to find some good fights.


Bro, how old are you? you seem to be of my age…


Damn, that’s good looking! :+1:


I’m almost 18.
My bd’s 25th of November.


Fortunately :smile: , I am almost 15
My bd’s on 28th of December
You are 3-4 yrs older than me…


Hah, I’m over 20, scums. Muahahahahahaahaha.


noice settup
i have a question
is that a gaming pc or a pc that runs like a potato?


Look at the tower on the left. His Pc is probably a Nasa supercoputer or something while I still got a mac from 2012 smh