Heat weapons for Raids

As I do not feel competent in heat weapons very much, can anyone tell me which heat weapons allow me to perfect minion mechs in today’s raid? Is it:
Magma Blast (level 10 legend), could be a problem to myth it for today’s raid…
Terror Blade (level 40 legend), possible to myth and up significantly for today’s raid…
And basically that’s it, other heat weapons I have are damage based:
Reckoning ,axxed
Supreme Cannon maxxed
DawnBlaze maxxed
Desolation (25th level legend).
No other options… Any comments?

Go for terror since you cant make magma blast.
Terror needs to be myth lvl 38 to overheat them.
Don’t you have Corupt light maxed myth, that is what you actualy need.

But I bet magma will be a better choice in the long run… I plan to move to dual MB… But is this weapon enough to overheat the minions?

Hello, here is imo the best build for raid to expect doing perfect and dealing with most of the starting range : https://imgur.com/1ovP4hi

Crimson, magma, bunker, valiant, savagery

The MB does the job for now it does a better overall heat than cl or savagery (93 + 30 for MB, 93+ 24 cl and savagery) but for the next tier you will need crimson at some point…

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it is for now, but you need it over 38lvl(i think) myth to shutdown.
Wont do much good on the next range tho, you will still need grimsome.

Yep, so I just stick to my current strategy and put all heat resources to magma blast… One day I will perfect those raids, no Crimson Rupture in stock at the moment…

Actualy grimsome is a double edge sword since it overheats you alot.
It is kind of hard to use without alot of heat cap and cooldown.