Heat Teleporter?

so my idea is a teleporter that can do heat instead of energy damage with no energy use but probably with heat cost around 100-125 and cause heat damage to the enemy if you teleport into range 1-2, maybe around 250 heat damage? this could work well with crimson rapture and heat bomb (myth) if you know what your doing that is, this could work well against energy mechs due to the fact they usually have the least heat cap and cooling out of all three types and can’t stop your “heat teleport” due to it having 0 energy cost, it could really give energy mechs a run for they’re money.

so please no hateful comments, it’s just an idea.

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PS-This is a hate comment, deal with it.
Too much heat cost, too much heat damage, other stats not provided, data inadequate, bad idea.

Hence proved.


too much heat cost? dude the heat bomb has too much heat cost not to mention the heat damage it does.

Exactly my point.
20 plat plats

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Good concept
Poorly executed

100-125 heat cost for just 1 teleport use would be absurd

A better cost would be around 30, for the mythical version

So your saying.
That you want a heat bomb teleporter.
I can already see an EMP teleporter coming and forums being flooded with angry people who were already mad about how OP emp was.

Forgot to mention the heat damage

Thats a no
30 would be fine


30 heat cost
30 heat damage
1 use
11 weight

The better way would be-

At max mythical-

100-120 explosive damage
40 heat damage
30 heat cost
19 energy cost
11 weight

For the energy free version-
95-110 explosive damage
35 heat damage
45 heat cost
0 energy cost
16 weight

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Bad idea.
Phys mech is reason


how about.

115-170 explosive damage
73 heat damage
44 heat cost
0 energy cost
15 weight

That would be very overpowered

Especially since physicals would use it

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i mean isn’t everything overpowered nowdays?

So what is your solution?
Make the game even more unbalanced?

it was just an idea, i was just thinking.

Only phys mechs are overpowered…
Energy mechs sucks
Heat mechs 50/50

Thank you…
but please repsect those mechs.

i use a heat mech actually, better than energy for sure.

Energy is actually stronger than heat, especially in the higher ranks

Damage heats are good, but mass heaters die like flies

Also, @Sinu my tone may sound angry or whatever but I am not

I am just correcting an idea that I think is bad


what’s wrong?..