Heat Rollers, please?




mercy weights less than reckoning…
also go to the med or something


Because they heat opponent, duh


Nonsense, they don’t add heat rollers because they want control how we should play.
Same to the heat Greenade Launcher.

If you still think it’s because of the weight, take a look on Reckoning stats.


I think they should make each item available for the 3 types of mech (pys, energy, heat). Each type with its own item version.

Or another idea: make every item in only 1 standard version. Each item having modifications depending of the type of torso you use with it (if you use a pys torso, that will buff the standard Dmg or add a Pys Resist drain ; if you use an energy torso, that will add Energy Dmg or Ele Resist drain ; if you use a heat torso, that will add Heat Dmg or Exp Resist drain).

For exemple, you find a “rollers” item in a box. If you equip it with Avenger, it becomes Rolling Beasts… but if you equip it with Naga, it becomes Sparked Runners… and if you equip it with Zarkares, it becomes a “mythical version of Sizzling Rollers”.

So, every item we find in boxes can be useful, because it adapts to the torso with which it is used. We can own more different objects to make more different builds (the game benefit of a greater diversity).
The devs just have to create one single item, the color and the additional stats adjust with the equiped torso. They have more time to create different items to add new strategies or just fix bugs.
And no more incoherent smurf in game.


La moto del gran sueño heat, el sprite es de Maxoz XD!


wouldnt be a suprise if the new heat roller is L-M


That is the point.


Can someone give me the mythical stats of Rolling Beasts please? Thanks in advance…
Sos for the off- topicness… but… rollers…



thank you polar bear


it would be nice but the stazt for the item you got any ideas


Weight: 130
walk: 3
Hp: 426
Exp dmg: 130-206
Heat dmg: 50
push: 999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999


And the game breaks
The end


No, the opponent will be pushed once around the whole planet hitting the player from the back dealing charge damage and pushing the player by 1 space away. With that then the distance ends up at 2 with the positions reversed.


They will be knocked out of the map…


watch it


Is it me or all of these topic just keept being revived.


topic necro spoted
@L4K3 swat down this foker


Why hasn’t this added yet?