Heat Rollers, please?


I would like to mention two things here,about heat mechs in general.
As the title says,why aren’t there any rollers for heat?I know sizzling rollers, but that goes to epic.Why not make a premium heat rollers that go to range three?

On a side note, EVERY SINGLE THING that is related to heat(torsos, legs,weapons,and drones)are EXTREMELY heavy.Why is that? Why make is quite hard for us to build a heat mech?

Thank you, type your suggestions below.



Yeah,I want it too

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Because heat should be heavy


No they shouldn’t


Why not? Give 3 solid arguments

  1. It does the least damage of ALL its counterparts.
    2.IT does least DAmagE of All itS counTERparts.
    3.IT DOEs leaST DAMAGE oF All iTS COUnterparTS.

But really, that was off topic, the sole intention o this topic was to introduce heat rollers

Type fast armakaiser, im waiting


heavy and same hp with sparked runners, so heat rollings lost to runners and beast in weight and in hp to beast, so that make them so usseles


Nee? For what you wait me??(20 char)


Well, I can partly understand higher weight for heat over energy as cooldown / shutdown costs 1 actions / 2 actions while energy break “only” prevents the use of energy costing weapons and items.

But honestly for heat rollers that could be exempted.
As legs they will not deal any significant heat damage anyway.
So the weight increase should not be neccessary here or at most be something like 5-10 kg compared to Sparked Runners.

As for why those heat rollers would be needed - quite simple:
If you have a heat mech and no range-1 weapon or maybe you are in an energy break then as a heat mech you would want to at least deal some HEAT damage and EXPLOSIVE damage with your stomp.
After all your heat mech most likely built up heat in the opponent and/or drained his explosive resistance.


Good point, that’s what i wanted

  1. But it also has many energy-free counterparts.

Everything energy-free is either weaker or heavier.
In Desolation’s case,it’s energy-free and does damage comparable to an Annihilation plus heat damage plus it shreds resistance.Of course it would be that heavy.

  1. Heat can neglect damage by cutting turns through overheating.

In most cases,perma-heat = loss,unlike the other types,that can still do enough damage to kill while drained or energy breaks opponents (after energy break it does good damage,but if the opponent has a good cap and regen,it also gains extra health against electrics).

So that’s not an argument.These are arguments :slight_smile:


of which most are premium items


Yeah we kinda need a heat roller


Yeah,but you also have Deso,Heat Bomb,the drones (all but the counterpart to Greedy)…That’s enough energy-free,us physicals have the Anni and it’s range 1-2 only…


yet physicals are stll very powerful with your only energy free weapon


To counter point 2:

If you have good cap and regen… that can also be applied to heat damage.
If the opponent has a high heat cap and a good cooldown then it will be hard to force him into cooldown and almost impossible to force him into shutdown.
As such extra heat cap and cooldown are like additional actions against heat mechs as the explosive damage from heat weapons is mostly lower than those of physicals.
For opponents with energy mechs unless you have equipped those energy free heat weapons then energy mechs with their higher drain in energy than you can heat them up will force an energy break on you more often than you can overheat them.

But let us stop this discussion as this thread is about the issue of there being no heat roller for L-M while there are Sparked Runners for Energy and Rolling Beasts for Physical.


You were typing when I was last online.


Okay, true…

Right, even more true-er


Well then, I guess I’ll just ask everyone to ignore the blur spoiler part.

Yeah I know they weren’t arguments, I was just passing time(and i am lazy, so)

Whoa, even more accurate point.

Desolation can rip decent damage, but won’t be enough for murder.Heat bomb does jack damage.unless you have cool breaking build(like nagibator),you can’t make a decent heat build without premium items.

Yeah, good ol’ swoop!

Yes.a tank build (avenger+rolling beasts,platplats and heat engines,)combined with dual annihilations is disastrous.
If the same build is anti energy, replace heat with energy engines, and add a night eagle.

Yes of course


Damn that took a long time to type.


We have Sizzling Rollers :joy::ok_hand:


i not only agree with you, but i have some more complains MYSELF!
like seriously energy and heat have a big gap… can’t they just add like at least 7 heat to all the heat weapons? IS IT TOO MUCH TO ASK
some energy weapons do 123 drain at max, some heat weapons do 93 heating at max…
that’s a wooping 30 difference there!

edit: heat mechs have to worry about:

energy drain (for those with CL, savagery and other energy needing weapons) which not to mention does extra damage

doing enough damage because the other two elements certainly make more damage

weight!!! like COMMON the most weapons you can carry are 3 if you want good stats! our equipment is the heaviest in the game just ask literally every single item in heat

unfair stats as i originally mentioned in my comment