Heat Naga torso


Oh come on. I can’t be the only one who thinks of looks first when i talk about a other version of a torso right?


Maybe you are, but that doesn’t give you the right to call my friends idiots or waste of matter


There we go…what I was looking for…


you just delete every comment you made one by one, in 24 hours it will erase every evidence of it ever happening…


Well okay. Bye. Have a great night dude. I didn’t mean to be a douche to you i just had a rough day and I shouldn’t have been angry at you


it’s day time for me lol


Oh hahah it’s 00:12 for me (basically day time too but i don’t care)


Why did you remove your post about apologizing and stuff? Makes no sense.


Hey its already solved dude. Sorry for calling you stupid. Have a great day/night


Yes j have windigo maxed lvl


Um…he wasn’t talking to you…but nice…Max Myth


Refresh my memory, what does this mean ? ^^



So you’re implying that 23:59 is night time and 00:12 is day time?
Guess what?It’s 12:00 AM for me.Is it night time or day time?
Dude,night is from around 21:00 to around 5:00 (because it’s fall).


In the Legacy times,yes,there were 2 counterparts to this torso.
In Reloaded times,we still have two 3-set counterparts:Iron Boots,Scorching Feet,Charged Walkers and Nightmare,Sith,Interceptor.So,as a matter of fact,we could have a 3-piece counterpart of Naga’s,but it’s highly improbable.
The torsos would be pretty much the same and with equivalent stats.We already have equivalent stats to them,so the addition would only bring some copies of Naga,with almost the same stats of other torsos (as said above,Windigo as Naga’s heat equivalent torso regarding stats).
So no,that’s unnecessary.


Bro as soon as it is 00:00 a new day starts. So its very very early in the morning. Or at least that how my parents/everyone i ever knew said that