Heat Naga torso


Hey woudn’t a Heat version of the Naga torso be awesome? It would go perfect with the devouring paws or other heat legs. Please add this. Maybe a physical version would be cool too


Hey, have you ever heard of this thing called a Windigo?


Are you stupid? The windigo torso looks nothing like the naga torso bro.


Firstly, Don’t insult Chicken here
Secondly, You should have specified, Chicken though you were talking about stats while you were talking about looks…


It has equivelant stats. Are you stupid bro?


Yeah but does it look the same? No. And even so, then not a physical version but a heat version


Windigo is heat, buddy. And besides, no. Waste of devs time.


Yeah, you should have specified in the first post…duh…


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Go ahead i don’t care.


Well this clump of matter somehow has more brains than you.


With that profile picture and that name i don’t think so.


War Machine, STFU,
Yeet, stop it bro…
Don’t fight / argue …


Oh yes, talk to me about names, “War_Machine_X36”. I gotta admit, you sound like a realll badass. Watch out, we got a terminator over here!


Sure. I’ll quit but he doesn’t need to be so aggressive at me. I just suggested something and he craps all over my idea. Sorry for sharing m opinion


No it’s because you insulted @Chicken_Drink for not understanding something you didn’t specify


No, i didnt take kindly to insinuating that my friend is an idiot.


Hey he just gave a stupid awswer. If i’m talking about a specific torso i don’t mean stats i mean the looks. Forgive me if that’s weird but that just sounds so much more logical. And i didn’t mean “are you stupid” mean i ment it as a joke because his awnser was kinda dumb


You should have specified, You were talking about looks, @Chicken_Drink thought you were talking about stats…now STFU