Heat Mechs Builds


woow you have the myth grave diggers?
I’m putting mine to epic…


how much hit points does zarkares gives you?


the grave diggers are bad, i will send prober picks of my mechs if you want


At max mythical, it goes 1100

I an not sure how much at legendary, but it is much more than the interceptor

Not only does it have more health, but every single stat of the zarkares (besides weight) is better than the interceptor


Wait a fuckin minute you’re in Incognito? That’s a smart move XD

But in all seriousness, You should know if you’re a Mass boiler or just a damage type as that confuses people, If you’re going for a Mass boiler myth the two Corrupt and if you’re going for a damage type, Get Abomination and supreme to go with your Desolation but depending on your items, A Twisted flux can help just as long you have a Supreme and a Desolation

Tips from a Non heat mech user

  • have as much as 200 Cooling and 300 Heat
  • have decent energy (200+)
  • have weapons that can knock back, Drain res and deal damage without energy

Things you need to watch out for

  • better heat builds
  • Energy mechs with high HP and damage outpu
  • Physical builds with high heat, Or mostly an Anti Heat/Phys

But coming from me which is a non heat main user, I can’t really give solid tips


I only like grave diggers cause theyre knockback is 2 and if you would stomp them they would go to the range of my corrupt light…



your mechs does have a good hit points though…


Im only using incognito cause im using my brother’s supermech …
lol i know what youre thinking right now…


Oh and btw, have a maxed mythed Brutality and Zark for physical OR heat builds!


Okay Thanks for the advice…


Go to @Ricemech88’s Top player guide, it has lots of heat mechs there that you can use


It’s the old one
don’t know why I can’t edit it…


i am awake now :slight_smile: