Heat Mechs Builds


if you think about it, how much res it gives you is just getting rid of a tiny bit of dmg, it is better to get the single res packs that go to mythical, and alot of players have left them behind months ago :slight_smile: i also had 1 months ago and when i got told it was bad i thought not, but when you do think about it it really is just legendery food


Heat bomb has 1 use but it could help shutdown the opponent 1 time but still though it doesnt have a decent damage.


The thing is, savior resistance is not that useful.

it may be kinda useful now, but as you begin to rank up it will be worth less
Instead, replace the resistence with an epic iron plating

If you replace one of the heat capsules with a epic iron plating, you will have 200 more health.

Once you replace your interceptor with a legendary zarkares, you will have much more health, heat, and energy.
Then you will begin to rank up, and farm better campaign missions, and eventually reach your first myth!


just got a epic energy engin from 21st day:) it will prob go on my 2nd mech


Heat bomb is not something you should be using right now, since you do not have many heat engines.

Also, anytime you get one of the engines, (heat/energy modules that go from epic to mythical) always replace your capsules with the engine.


There is a res that goes to mythic please send a pic i want to see it all this time im only depending on the epic ones


imagecouldnt fined maxed single ones but they give around +49 res


Well, Im still on the legendary plating…where could i get it?


woow i wonder where could i get those… im lack of tokens now…


Wait a minute- do you have the savior resistence, or the maximum protector?


if you do want to see a huge list of items fell free to join this discord https://discord.gg/PdY5dpp


Im farming here now…


item portals, players can get over 20 legendarys if they try


I only have savior resistance


i can only get to the easy one in the last item portal and i got 4 epics in 15 games


You will soon get to where i farm :slight_smile:


Then replace it with an epic iron plating. iron platings can easily be dropped from silver boxes at common level. With a day or two, you can get it to epic.

Also, good farming choice, although mission 6 is more economic for fuel


Im still lack of hit points though so i’ll try putting up the zarkares…


well, I can’t go there they are very strong.:frowning_face:


the zackares is very good, it makes my mech op