Heat Mechs Builds


Could anyone help me out to have a good heat mech build.


Post some screenshots
We know weapons by sight, so post a screenshot of the mech stats and the modules


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Could it make me strong [quote=“bestplayerintheworld, post:1, topic:17522”]


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Here’s the list of my item…


How about your mech?That is what I really need to see


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I don’t know what you have but Zarkares for torso would be a great choice,

corrupt light, savagery are good, easy to get items for a boiler

Supreme cannon and desolation for some damage builds

And any other weapons I forget
All f2p





My 3 mechs they are still weak


First things first- You need a different torso than the intercepter. It is not good for heat. The Zarkares, or the Windigo would go great with that.
Secondly, get rid of the flaminator. It is not neccesary, and makes you vulnerable against energy.

Finally, with the flaminator removed, change the modules. Replace the energy capsule with an iron plating, which you should bring to epic before putting on.

(Note: In order for this build to be good, it is essential that you take the zarkares (or a windigo if you get it) and put it on the mech. It will have much more heat, health, and energy.


Woow thanks for the advice


Thanks for the advice…


1st get rid of the res, it weighs to much, keep the modules but try get more energy modules, and keep bousting everything at the same lv, that way you have the same amount of stats, if you really wanted to you could go for a mech that uses no energy so that way you could get rid of energy modules all together (my tip is 2 desolations and relulpshers the abomanation of anhilanator if you can get it) Take advice from the pros dude and soon enuf you will be in our leage! hope my advice helps


get a heat bomb, and pack some heat engines


if he where to he would also have to keep that heat under comtroil


Woow thanks too but if i get rid of the resist i’ll get too much damage… how would i survive that?