Heat Mech Help!



Allow me to disagree to that.

Keep the Claw and let the hammer there.You might also want to equip all the utilities you can afford to go with it.


I agree with you.
People that have no clue of what they are doing themselves should just shut up and let the others that actually know their crap to give real advice,rather than confusing those who seek help.


I got amazing heater build for you!

Electrical wire
Electrical Tape
1.5 volt dry cell battery
One small ceramic plate
One bundle of steel wool
Wire stripper
Wire cutter
Here’s what to do:

Cut two pieces of electrical wire with your wire cutters. Both pieces should be approximately 6-inches (15-centimeters) long.
Remove half an inch (1.3 centimeters) of the plastic casing at the ends of both wires, with your wire stripper. The two ends of both wires should have half an inch (1.3 centimeters) of copper exposed.
Attach one end of one exposed wire to the negative end of the dry cell battery. Use electrical tape to keep the wire in place.
Attach one end of the other piece of wire to the positive end of the dry cell. Use electrical tape to keep the wire in place.
Place the ceramic plate on the table. Place a bunch of the steel wool on the ceramic plate. Ensure that the steel wool is not tightly packed, so that heat will easily transfer throughout the wool.
Place both the remaining exposed ends of the negative and positive wire into the steel wool. The wool will begin to generate heat from the cell

Source: https://home.howstuffworks.com/home-improvement/how-to-build/how-to-build-electric-heater.htm


I would reccomend either
Removing the flaminator
Replacing it with a dawnblaze.

Also, what are your modules?


Where is a flaminator?


Behind the hammer


I thought that was an EMP lol



Updated Module setup


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BTW my ingame name is Shocker


I don’t think you’ll need the Repulser cause you have the hammer for knock back, Is this mech Heat counter? If not then replace one of the cooling boosters for an Energy Engine


its heat counter as well thats why using desolation or i once had supreme cannons that i fused to myth my torso
And see carefully my range two is weakness i really need that l-m heat blade for that


If it’s an heat counter,then remove that energy mass booster and vandal and add supreme.