Heat mech help please


Lol. Seems to me that you’re nobody then.

Many people care about res. Res is the most OP thing there is right now.


Because I have no burning shower. If I ever get one you’d better believe I’ll use it.

And no, I won’t use the desert snake. It has 75/25 cost for pete’s sake. Utterly ridiculous considering it’s attack stats.


There are alternatives like, yes, Desert snake but I was leaning more towards the Deso variation


3 Magma twin deso? That sounds impossible…

And twin of each is not my style.


More like one deso for Shower Sub but still works

50%20PM 53%20PM


I used 3magmas, desert, VR, murmur build…
Incredible cooldown shredder… made half the tops use 4 heatmodules. Lowish HP but fun to play, kinda of weak to some energies.


The OP thing right now is having an assload of HP.


I said it to Sean and I will say it to you.
The OP thing now is an assload of HP



I could probably replace the Heat Point with Nemo and then add a Charge Module.


Why would you want a charge mod? It leaves you at a terrible range.


To counter Falcons or scopes.


I guess… I’d just move myself honestly. Hook would do better IMO.


I have no Melee attacks besides my stomp.


Yeah, but at least it’s infinite. HB is your only range 2 and it’ll probably be used up at that point. Plus hook will do a little heat damage (it can make a real difference).

Keep in mind I haven’t had a charge equipped on my heater for months, just hook and tp. So that’s where I’m coming from.


Fine… HeronMark it is (An Item I actually have)


What rank are you?, res is the most OP thing right now


I’m rank 12, but when I have watched the pros play the have like 50 res.


Rank 12, no wonder you think HP is the most OP thing


Alright then. So you are saying Res is better than HP?