Heat mech help please


I am sorry to be picky but I need something SOMEWHAT obtainable for me.
No L-M please. When I used the hook and teleporter, I would have used the C-E and R-E substitutes.
I can handle a few E-Ms (Devouring Paws are a 100% requirement)


i have a good ideal.What about a normal heat mech ?


It would be a normal heat mech.



A normal heat mech :smiley:
Well…what u think ?


Which is the best: Brutality or Windigo
Windigo: 982 HP / 301 Heat / 112 Cooling / 217 Energy / 72 Energy Regen / 345 Weight
Brutality: 1033 HP / 290 Heat / 88 Cooling / 217 Energy / 64 Energy Regen / 341 Weight


windgo probally :smiley:


I shall NOT be using Zarkares on a heat mech.


Thank you.


Well good luck :slight_smile:


I still need help with the mech…



A build pretty good when don’t even have arena buff :smiley:


Lacks Utilities, HP, Energy, Res


I said Devouring Paws.

  1. Explain. I use Falcon constantly and it does good work.
  2. Heat Point > Murmur > Nemo. I don’t have weight for heat point and that -7 cooling is surprisingly useful.
  3. I used to use dev paws, I have a max myth one sitting in my garage. However, having 3 movement unlocks a huge range of options, and I’m not giving that up.
  4. You’re not wrong.
  5. I have three actually :grin:




You have 3 magmas?

I was looking at your heat mech a few hours ago and was thinking “one more magma and this guy can have one of the strongest mechs out there; triple magma.”

and so now that you say you have 3, how come you haven’t tested out the strongest build? (imo)


Well, nobody really cares about resistance.


What do you mean no one cares about res??