Heat mech help please


Evaluation: weak at range 1-2. Weak to energies. Very low health.

For a Zark build, try a module layout like this:

This is what I use. Strong against heat and energy, though it’s still kinda weak in hp. You can change a energy engine for a hp or resist mod, but you’ll be weak to EMP and valiant users.


how could u make that box ?


Really bad cooling for a heat Mech, take out one module and put one cooling booster…


No res? yeah, anything will kill him right in the spot.


Here: https://instancekillin.github.io/WorkshopUnlimited/


90% don’t use energy heat mech XD

Will work …I guess
Oops wrong drone :stuck_out_tongue:


Much heat there doesnt?


Try this, hit all ranges and use low energy…


You also used legacy teleport. Drop two heat engines for plate + regular teleport then you’re doing better. Although the only heat drone that’ll fit is a Swoop.

Honestly though, you really need mobility to make that mech work. Using claw with that layout is asking for trouble.


He works surprisingly well. Better than that hp stat would suggest.


Nah just idea i don’t use heat mech XD


Heat destroyer XD

Maybe stupid but someone really make a mech like this XD



My good ol clanmate with the most creative build ever


look up XD
I have make a mech idea from his mech


I was…i know… that’s whole reason why i…

nvm, yes, lovely build. mm.


he so strong I have fight with him many time
he alway heat bomb me and tele away to use scope XD

  1. Flaming scope is just… no.
  2. Heat Point or Nemo is a superior drone.
  3. Sparked runners? Devouring paws.
  4. Platinum plating is super hard to get.
  5. Wow you’re lucky, 2 Magma Blasts.

I am sorry to be rude about it but I can’t use this. And I can’t even get all of this.


Fucking stupid.

(Not you)




I wouldn’t even be able to get the Abomination.