Heat mech help please


I thought this would be good.


It still hits like a truck.


That probably would work


I am the owner of this thread. And for your punishment…


You didn’t do anything.


Don’t u need some things to put player out of range?


Yes, it is an energy free, hard hitting, long range, F2P item for heat.


It is amazing.


Supreme Cannon gives knockback.


If you can get a plat plate it would be brutal


what about range 2 ?..


I can’t. I have had terrible luck with L-Ms recently. (Mind the Valiant)


And guys please, I just need a good heat mech so please stop talking about the nerfs.


You’ll get it when you least expect it


I think u need somethings to put player out of range 2 :smiley:


My Heronmark is a pain to upgrade.


Probably not.


No ?
Ok I just want help :smiley:


I’m not sure if I will use it, but probably not because for now I just need tokens and sh*t for boxes, I NEED SPARTAN AND MERCY!!


It looks so much like my one XD (This one has Range 2 Problems though)