Heat mech builds

Guys what torso is the best for heat bots? Currently I’m using Nightmare epic with cheap epic flamethrowers. Btw what is about FUSION? Is that after upgrading items from lower tier to higher tier that requires rare to proceed high tier? Is that it?

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I like brutality best but Nightmare is very good too. Those two are the best.
Fusion is when you level a item in its class. You level say a legendary to max with fusion, then you transform it into a level 1 mythic using 5 legendaries as sacrifice.

This is the transformation screen legendary to mythic.

This is the fusion screen for a level 1 legendary

Thanks for the info. :3 nice to meet ya

:smile: very nice to meet you too

And in addition i have 600+ tokens i dont know if this can get any good items cauz in game but getting good epics is hard. I’m having a thoughts of spending $ than grinding for eternity.

600 tokens might buy you a cheap Miller Lite down at TS & Brewery… if your are lucky that is…

All in all though 8 premium boxes (600T) probably has a 45% chance for a single legendary, that also doesn’t guarantee it to be useful either… your choice.

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Unfortunately Cyborg is 100% correct with 20 bucks I usually get 1 - 3 legendaries if I am very lucky… I have also gotten all epics for $20.

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@ToxicDoll I know you are stacked and I know you are at the top in duels

but how much do you spend on Supermechs?

At first I spent very little on super mechs.
I spent 40 dollars to get gold to fuse my legacy items
Then I did the following
When the update was new you could buy a premium box for 150 tokens and get 2 epics or a epic and a legendary or even 2 legendaries, which I did and I spent 50 dollars on them, to get premium items like a shotgun and a sniper.

Then I started spending my tokens on fuel instead of boxes and I would spam farm bigboy for 20 tokens I was getting 90 fuel and that = 18 epics (and sometimes a legendary) for 20 tokens.

Then they nerfed big boy and premium boxes, boxes now gave 1 item for 75 tokens but I still bought fuel 90 fuel = 9 epics for 20 tokens.

Then they nerfed big boy again and he started giving only crap commons and rares (rarely a epic) so I went back to premium boxes because you could not use the stuff from bigboy to transform now, and I spent around $ 350 to finish my mech which is still not fully finished
I spent probably around 450 dollars maybe 500 since the update.

For some reason the only good stuff I ever get is energy items so I went with a energy mech.

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@ToxicDoll I like how honest you are.

I spent less then 40$ on this game and i’m still liking it , much more relaxing then minecraft where a bunch of toxic little kids curse and hack all over the place.

So I am guessing you aren’t a kid ?

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That would be correct I am in my 20s
Oh and buying fuel is still a good way to fuse your items it just sucks to transform them. You still get enough common and rares from big boy that it is near = to 1 epic per win in fusion points.
Bigboy is the last boss in campaign by the way i forgot your new.
Fuel is what you use to do missions for me bigboy on normal costs 10 fuel points.

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@ToxicDoll Hey i’m fairly new not brand new I got to fight God Mode and the old Boss so technically im a veteran :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I recorded them too

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I can beat big boy as easy on hard as normal but I don’t think there is any difference in the items you get just a little less gold.

Unfortunately I have finished campaign so no more free tokens for me except for daily missions and log in bonuses.

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Nah, Uninstalled ya guys are right there are paywalls here I spent 800tokens and all i got is shit i didn’t even get what i want and not satisfied either! All my hardwork is just wasted i dont even sleep lol and all i get is shit! There should be tiers in buying boxes that seperates shits from good one so that less expense like myth for 400-500k price like that!

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It depends on your goal. If you want to be the best lower rank player in the game you can do that for free, if you want to be a mediocre rank 1 you can also do that for free. If you want to kill a hour playing campaign and shooting random players from all over the world you can do that for free too. If you want to be in the top 25 best mechs in the world you will have to spend money or a hell of a lot of time… This game is what you make it…

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