Heat mech advice [Request]

I want to start a 2nd mech (heat type) and I wanted to know your opinion on this build / how well it would work if maxed .

First of all, I suggest you to swith one of your Regenation Mass Booster with the legendary one if you use one ^^

Second, the grappling hook: it kinda bother me to see a Heat grappling hook art with a yellow background (physical exclusive normally…)
So what GH it is exactly ?? ^^

And to finish, can you show on a screenshot an overview of your mech instead of the desolation stats ? ^^
To get a general idea of the performances of your mech atm ^^

That’s the legendary/mythical heat hook which is an awesome item.
FLAMING GRAPPLING HOOK— (17) 111-145 ExDmg, 39HeatDmg, 1Use, (0/31 Cost)

Overall I think your build looks good. The modules will probably change as you play it, I potentially see you using less energy and more heat modules, considering that your desolation and your shotgun, plus charge and hook, are all energy free. You could be drained and still kill an energy mech pretty easily.

Hitpoints will be solid at 1839.

Drone Nemo would probably be a little better but I am not sure about that.

First of all, your energy is waaaay too good - especially since only one weapon out of 3 actually needs it. Get rid of a energy engine/mass booster and slap something heat-related on there.

Other than that, I’d say its pretty decent - although its weapon choices are a little restricted. Personally I’d go for a supreme cannon instead of the desolation (more range overlap); I dunno if it would be possible to weasel a corrupt light on there or not. Overall though, very good work so far. Not to mention pretty good luck on L-M weapons and epic+ modules.

Too much energy
Not enough cooling
Decent weapon setup

Well, since I have very similar bulid, I can tell you its effective against heat and energy mechs, but lacks HP/resist and thus its bad vs phys mechs.

It also has charge and its drone is clash, but not enough weight for hook.


Well,it’s okay overall.
Tho,a couple suggestions from me:
-Cut down a some energy for it-s almost an energy-free build and use that space/weight to either crack in either a Magma Blast (or any other heat weapon to be fair) or some more health on this mech.
-You can give up on the charge to save weight (those 20 kg can matter) for more health or whatever but not on the hook.
-You could get one more heat engine.It would work well for your weapons also consume a lot of heat (especially Desolation)

Ok, i have a similar request for u guys. I want to max this build, but i want to know your opinion on my weapons and modules setups, i would change DB and repulser if i had reckoning or abomination, but i dont have them, as for modules, upper row are energy engines, also i have murmur and clash, i see top players using murmur with similar builds, what u guys think?

In your case, I’d go with the heat skull drone (clash? idk) instead of the Murmur. The clash does resistance drain, which goes perfectly with all your other weapons, while the murmur does cooling damage, which is good but doesn’t fit well with your build. Additionally, try and drop the repulsor and get a knockback 2-4 weapon in there - magma blast would be good if you’re lucky, otherwise a terror cry or something. And I’d use that legendary cooling module you’ve got there as well.

Good build otherwise, just get those weapons and your torso past epic and good things should happen!

Well,it would have a lot of energy,good cooling but you won’t get more than 1.650 HP out of it with just one plate.Get that hp up for starters by putting at least 1 more plate.
As for energy,reckoning and desolation are energy-free and so is your drone…You’d only use energy for abomination…Cut down some energy to exchange for more hea/cooling or hp.
And yeah,use Clash.Here’s why:
That setup with Desolation,Abm and Rck is a Damage Heater.You know damage heaters do more direct explosive damage than heat damage so it’s only natural that Clash,the resistance-damaging drone,would be of more use to you.
Hope I’ve been of use yo

Thank u for your advice, but the problem is i dont have these L-M’s, i would gladly switch repulser and dm with reckoning if i had one, so i am stuck with weapons that need energy…and repulser to utilize desolation.

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I,ve come up with a new module setup, it includes 2 plates, 3 heat eng’s and 3 energy eng’s. Total maxed hp is around 1800, and weight is 1000😁

Yes this is a Dmg Heater, so what about people using murmur with such builds?

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Yeah,the module setup looks good (at least on paper).

What about them?
Joking :stuck_out_tongue:
It’s just that Clash does resistance damage,while Murmur does cooling damage thus making it more suitable for Mass Heaters.
Well,you could go with either anyways…But I think a resistance drainer would be of more help.

Yeah, that’s my thought process too. Personally, I use a Murmur, but my mech is focused on cooling damage (I also have a magma blast and desert snake, plus CL and supreme cannon). Its just like the fact that you do better when you stick to one type (heat, energy, physical) in your builds; the more specialization, the better.

Except physicals which only have one specialization…


And for phys, what about High-direct damage dealers and mass-resistance drainers ?

True, I suppose there are two specializations. Idk, I’m a heat guy, all physicals look alike to me.

Twin Annihilation - Bam! Bam! Where’d all my health go? Yeah…

The most speaking exemple: Void and Greedy

Void deals some damage and 5 resistance drain
Greedy deals less damage, but has 10 resistance drain…

You see ? ^^

Or maybe Reckless beam and and armor destroyer ^^

I see ya. Hard not to notice half your hitpoints gone in one turn :wink: