Heat is cumulative

Is abuse is abuse XD!

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Gosh @Well you make me smile everytime i talk to you :stuck_out_tongue:

There is a reason I dont 3v3 my other 2 mechs are not good.

Cuando dejen de discriminar tanto a los físicos, entonces hablamos, que solo tenemos 3 armas buenas, el resto es pura basura, los drones ni sirven contra energía
< Si hasta los heat tienen 3 drones no usan energía, pure discrimination really XD!

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I think they will add more to physicals even now a well designed physical is a terror to heaters and even energy mechs.
We have not seen everything that can be done yet.

me estoy haciendo un heat de tanto discriminan a los físicos XD!

Yeah heaters are tough on physicals a lot of people complain about that in my clan.
Heaters scare me the most too that’s why I have almost 600 heat and 175 cool down.
0 energy physicals with high HP are the hardest for me to beat now.

Actually, I don´t think so. It´s secondary. Nor do I think the solution is nerfing energy mechs.

The way to make the game more balanced is to give everybody the opportunity to raise their HP, being able to take the modules of HP from epic to mythical. That way you could take away my energy and your weapons shot stronger, but I would have more HP. Or, better, I could keep my current HP, but I would have space to place energy modules.

The other thing that would make the game more balanced is to remove the energy consumption to phys drones and at least to 1 model of energy drone, as it was in the previous version.

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hahaha si han arreglado un montón de bugs no veo futuro para que arreglen los drones, simplemente no les da la gana a los de tacticsoft XD!

Pero también hacen falta más armas físicas y heat que no usen energía, la sniper física es una reverenda mierda y la purifier otra mierda aun peor que la purifier heat

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Hi toxic! I don´t like to give advice if they don´t ask me, so take it or leave it.

You have very low cooling and too much max. heat. Balance. Lower 200 points max. heat and increase by at least 100 cooling points.

Because what happens to you now is the same thing that happens to BB in insane mode, when you exceed the limit of your max heat, the mech cools so little that it does not withstand another heat shot.

Yeah 169 cooling is kind of low i guess and 546 heat is kind of high i guess… But if I do not have it over 500 really strong heat mechs like ASA, algeriano, cilius overheat me. Since my weapons do 100 to 200 points damage (not counting opponent’s resistance) if i do not 0 out a mech’s energy. It is really important I get two attack turns, every turn phase. Because if they make me do 1 attack I can not 0 out their energy and hit hard.
valiant sniper only does 135 -196 damage full mythic if I hit someone who is not 0 energy not counting resistance
Ash creator 163- 213 full mythic not counting resistance
and even bunker shell is only 243 -463. full mythic not counting resistance
So high heat is kind of important to me.
my cool down is 169 with 546 heat and 196 regeneration with 524 energy so I guess I need to work on it…
719 heat damage is how much you need to do to me in one turn to shut me down now…
Your suggestion makes my shut down point at 551 heat damage…

So you’re saying I should have 350 heat with 200 cool down? that is better than 169 cool down and 546 heat?
I think I will stick with my build as is for now.
Thanks though for your suggestion @Wepwawet.
:birthday: :balloon: :rocket:

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abuse abuse abuse XD!

Heat has abomination but it weighs so much

Balance aside, I think this brings up interesting questions about how much heat/cooling to have and how much energy/regen to have.

Depending on how quickly your matches go, there might be a case for very high heat and very low cooling. For example, with 3 heat-only modules, you could have about 700 heat. Especially as an energy mech, that might give you enough buffer than you can totally drain someone before ever having to cool down. On the other hand though, you’d have to use 3 module slots for heat and if someone did overheat you you’d be in trouble.

For energy, it seems the optimal ratio is 1) enough energy that you don’t get zeroed out in one turn, then 2) as much regen as possible (since you recover automatically).

Of course, having only 8 module slots makes this a little trickier since space is sometimes the limiting factor rather than weight.

Is 169 cooling really very low cooling?
I guess I could replace one of my heat storage units with a heat engine…

That is only true if you are making your mech to beat other high end energy mechs. I built my mech to do well vs all three types 1v1.

@Wepwawet As an example cilius can get me to 350 heat before i can 0 out his energy and with his sorrow he can keep me over.
If I had 350 heat in this match I would of lost because I would not be able to keep him at 0 energy. ASA can get me to 450 heat before I can 0 him…

Of course…

Why do you think a majority of heat weapons do less secondary (heat/energy) damage than their energy counterparts? :stuck_out_tongue:


@Wepwawet And this is how it ends when I fight a high energy cap low energy use mech that is similar to yours. Notice how close the match is because he has over 500 energy and 2429 HP. I would’ve lost if I had 350 heat.

That building has all the best: mythic HP modules, mythical resistance, mythical modules … anyway.

Neither you nor me can with a mech like that.

That is not called a well-constructed mech, but a well-paid mech.

It does not serve as an example. Forget it. Let’s talk about normal mechs.