Heat is cumulative

Heat is cumulative unless you cool down.
Energy is not cumulative you automatically get energy back at the end of your turns.

So If as an example; you have a heater that does 189 heat with 1 shot, is that the same thing as 189 energy drain with 1 shot? It seems a lot of people think it is.

To me it is not the same thing if you are heated to 189 that stays with you until you give up a turn and cool down, energy drain don’t stay with you, you have to keep draining and they get back recovery at the end of their two turns.

If you are shut down you skip both your turns if you have 0 energy you use 0 energy weapons, stomp, utility weapons, 0 energy drones etc.

What do you think?

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Pienso que deben aumentar el peso de las armas de energía como era antes
Ahora todos los energy andan con 6 armas…

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Yeah but the decrease in weight is because they increased the energy need so much. As an example say you have 2 maxed mythic blue ash creators and a drone it takes over 200 energy just to fire your weapons now.

93 energy to fire

Entonces hay que limitar los usos
< Sniper one use, Spray 2, death punch one is correct
< Spray 4 uses is abuse

But if they were 1 use you could never keep an opponent drained you could drain them 1 turn then they just stomp you.
And now most people have over 350 energy so a 1 turn drain is almost imposable… they just regenerate it all the next turn…

The limit uses is correct = 2
< 3 uses is abuse, heat or energy

Sniper only has 2 uses.
ash creator has 3 but is is also 1-2 range and costs 93 energy to use.
I am not trying to argue I am just pointing out counter points.

Mi propuesta es
< Aumentar el peso de las armas eléctricas o reducir los usos
< 6 guns is ridiculous…

I use 5 guns I used 5 before the balancing update too.
I don’t think anyone uses 6 if you did you would have to give up modules.

5 sigue siendo excesivo… 4 is ideal

Yeah people keep telling me I should only use 4 but I like my build with 5 lol.
2 close range 1 mid range and 2 long range.
My weakness is my one shot mid range 3 spot

I think if you know a heat weapon that reheat 189 with 1 shot , tell me pls.

Heats haven´t that, only energys has weapons that take away so much energy.

Heat mechs don´t even have a grenade launcher heat, which puts us at a disadvantage compared to phys. There are grenade launcher in energy and phis version, but not in heat version.

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5 guns is abuse, heat max 4 or 3, physical max 4

Red ash creators are close. But this is a discussion about balancing would it be balanced to have a heat version of the valiant sniper?

Los físicos tenemos más armas mierda que heat y energía, no compares please…

I also give up all my utility weapons for 5 guns. If you did you could carry more guns too…
The amount of guns you have don’t really matter you can only fire 2 per 2 turn phase.

Debe ser como antes, las armas eléctricas pesaban más que las heat, quitar lo mismo y daños
< Los eléctricos de antes con 3 armas reventaban gente, ahora me dicen que tengo que tener 6 armas es broma? tan poco pesan las armas de energía?

I dont know any good energy mech that uses 6 weapons who are you talking about @Well?

Rising use 6 weapons energy, your second mech 6 weapons energy

My second mech is a poor design it is used for storage lol.
And rising uses 5 2 dp 2 snipers and a blue flamer