Heat Guru needs some heat help

Usually I am the one giving advice, but today Im going to have to ask for some help. @Rovolution @El_Metre @Fluxeon .

As of now, this is my build.

A pure heater pretty much. Meant to counter energy and heat.

However, these days, mass heating is falling apart. I can no longer keep up in the arena with this out-dated build. Of course, I will keep all the weapons in storage, but I doubt any changes will be made.

Anyway, I need some advice on what my build should change to. Im thinking of something definitely with dawnblaze, war hammer, sorrow, maybe heronmark, possibly a savagery, or desolation, maybe a supreme cannon?I cant really decide. Remember, this build needs to counter energy and heat, include dawnblaze, sorrow and war hammer, windigo, and rolling beasts. Other weapons at my disposal are supreme cannon, desolation, dawnblaze, heronmark, savagery, and heat bomb.

Waiting to heat what you all have to say.

P.S dont tell me to make a rocket king build -_-


Make a Rocket King Build.




But use hammer for push lol


You give advice but not very useful advice…

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Thanks :frowning:

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I was only joking…

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Way more regen, more HP,

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This isnt what Im asking about. Talk about advice…

Hi! Remove 1 heat engine and put cooling mass booster (maxed)… Maxing epic HP plate. You need only teleport and charge… Teleport is important.

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I already have a teleport. Thanks for the module advice, I just need a cooling booster first…any weapons advice with what I said in the post?

Hmmm…perhaps a heronmark, flaming hammer, sorrow, dawnblaze would work?

You wouldn’t be covered much in the long ranges- you would be forced to endure physicals annihilations and nightfalls

Lol…I think desolation is better than this weapon you have on head.

Question for everybody: Should I do flaming hammer, heronmark, desolation, sorrow, or flaming hammer, sorrow, dawnblaze, and desolation? I have been thinking, narrowed it down to these two

I would say the first, as the heron mark+ the sorrow makes for a great energy hugging combo, and keeps you from overheating (out of range of common mass heat weapons)

If you were able to back someone in a corner, the flaming hammer+ heronmark would also be a real killer, with the cooling damage and all.
As for the desolation, you would only back up and use that if you were energy broken, which is why I think you need the heronmark (to stay close range)

Although, I you should test out both of them- see what works best against what type.
I have a physical mech waiting that you could test on :wink:

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needs more magma blasts

heronmark-flaming hammer thing only works when using the sword first

Is this joke advice or something lol

Why dawnblaze though, it doesn’t seem like that good of a weapon.

It is good- has good range coverage, adds a decent amount of heat, has res drain, but most importantly infinite uses- it is the only heat side weapon with res drain that has infinite uses