Heat-Energy Drone

Hey! What I am hoping for, is of a drone that could be both Energy and Heat. Or maybe if you combine a energy and heat drone, you will get a double use drone.
Edit: Removed a part that everyone hates apparently.

I’ve thought about this too… It’s a good idea and can be like the main drone or simply the normal drone or etc.


But you have such drones in the game already:

3 types of damage: phys, energy, heat

3 types of damage: phys, regen, cooling
As the saying goes: Master of all arts is a master of none…


I think he was talking about a drone who drains energy and add heat…^^

Am I right @Kn0Tn0YT ?

Sure,but you can figure what it would imply.For example,I try to make my homework while listening to music.I wouldn’t be able to focus on my exercises because the music is keeping my attention or vice-versa,I wouldn’t be able to headbang to that deathcore/slam for I would hit my heat or spill my bottle o’ ink everywhere because of my long hair.There’s the same thing.Instead of doing 1 thing properly,it would do 2 things at once with little to no randament,thus making it pretty useless.Doing 2 things at once doesn’t mean doing them good or being anymore useful,just like the concept of a heat weapon that damages regen…

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Yes you are correct. Sorry for the late reply :confused:

um… didn’t you add those text in xD

Yes,he did,for those screenshots are of the lvl 1 drones and not their maxed stats.All he did was to write down their maxed stats on their lvl 1 screenshots.

And wow,I didn’t know Murmur does this much damage.Doesn’t drain any resistance so I guess it’s okay.

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Murmur reduces Cooling, so, PLEASE, no resistance drain XD

I will try to explain why this is a terrible and possibly a game breaking idea.

The drone can’t be balanced [Having multiple damages makes it weightfull, else, making it weaker to ‘worth’ using would make it useless not depending of the weight.]

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I rather not. You can’t judge me on who I like to watch. Its not your choice.

Besides, im pretty sure he quit youtube anyway.

the problem with this its weight
it would be superheavy
but yeah the idea is cool when i started i wanted the same
now im more on the idea of having a mech of each type