Heat damage vs resistance


Just wondering if heat resistance has an impact on how much heat damage a weapon does. Reason I ask is I’m contemplating ditching my heat resistance damage weapons in favour of heat damage weapons.


(Don’t ask me i m clueless)


Elemental Damages (A.K.A. Heat Generation, Energy Drain and Overdrain Damage) are not affected by resistances
Direct Damages (A.K.A. Physical, Explosive and Electric Damage) are affected by resistance

BUT in the case of Heat mech, you can swap some damage-oriented weapons with boiling-oriented weapons, but not all…
If you use only boiling weapons, you’ll lack raw firepower…And your build will become a mere delay to your opponent’s victory…

For Heat mechs, you can either use a damage-oriented wepaon setup, or an hybrid weapon setup
(Hybrid in the sense of having half of damage-oriented weapons and half of boiling-oriented weapons)


Thank you for the detailed reply. I shall have to have a think and play around in with different weapon setups in the arena.


You can ask in Build Help thread if you want some feedback on the build ideas you got ^^

Also, Pure Boiling builds COULD work, but they need luck, strategy and powerful backup mech ^^


These are my current options.


What’s your utilities ?

You have a nice base mech in my opinion, it just needs some polishing ^^


I just posted full inventory list in build help.


Your range 2 is your weak spot.
You will need a premium range 2 wepon like redocking, abomination or magma, grimrapture.
Vs a close quarter brawler(the ones with swords, or anihilations) you will suffer, a simple solution would be the 2 knockback legs.
But you will still need another range 2 wepon.
Also you need atleast 2 hp plates, the hp of the mech is very low.
Remove the energy module and add atleast 1 hp plate.
And as you progress with upgradeing the heat modules, you will use less of them.
The final version of your module setup should look like this :
1 protect
2 hp modules.
Rest heat modules, even if you will use only 3.