Heat bomb vs EMP


What are your opinions guys? Obviously it depends on your opponent, but some how I feel inclined to say heat bomb is better more often than EMP


Emp is generally more effective. It is harder to recover from an emp blast, and if you are low on energy, the emp can do quite a bit of damage as well.


Interesting am I actually having a harder time dealing with heatbomb itself.


Well, it depends on your mech and opponent.


In my opinion, heat is always better because it removes turns. There are energy free weapons but there is nothing you can do against heat. When you lose a turn or two, you lose a turn or two and that’s that. There are no weapons that can give you extra turns XD


The thing is though, with heat bomb, if you have high cooling, recovering from the heat bomb doesn’t take long. However, after an emp blast, even if I am not energy broken, I am broken the turn after that. Even though I have energy free weapons, my opponent starts doing hundreds of more damage per turn once I am broken.


Yeah energy can be evil because of the extra damage you get by breaking. However I’ve noticed that it’s more frequent to see people with 200+ regens and a combo of annihilations to deal with energy free turn


Leave these 2
Start to nerf the backstabber drone and other physical stuff coz they kill both heat and energy


Well it kind of makes sense, physicals are really DPS in it’s pure form sure it’s a little unbalanced but it’s the only thing they have going for them.

But in practical terms what do you think it’s better running Heat bomb or EMP. @Aador


Valiant Sniper + EMP= NO ENERGY FOR ME
Heatbomb i can take one full mythed, but not two…


Oh God yeah valiant snper + EMP is just too cruel, see my problem is this: most of the time I get heat bombed I get hit with a corrupt light too… So it burns bad


Just mythed one heat engine, and you probably can take it… some guys use HB and CL on me and i still destroy them…


Here is my Mech. I get the living metal behind kicked by heat bomb!


Wait a minute, gonna send mine… mine has 200+ regen too, but uses only energy engines and heat engines…


Sure thing! Yeah my issue is my cooling is dirt bad


While heat bomb is difficult to deal with, it should be this way. It keeps things balanced on the heat side of things…


Between EMP and heat bomb I’d have to choose EMP coz as others said against EMP it’s hard to recover coz most of the items need energy where as heat bomb may keep u shutdown for 2-3 turns but after that u can attack
Heat bomb will roast u if u have low cooling


Yeah I feel like it’s fair to have that for heat. it’s just so darn difficult to deal with xD


Much to my demise that’s exactly my problem


Till the time ur opponent doesn’t have vandal rage
U can put 240-250 ish cooling
U will get shutdown once but if u play wise and ur a physical mech put some resistance and heat mechs usually doesn’t have much hp so attack in ur first and second turn then shutdown next two turns and attack the following turn
U will kill heat mechs easily