Heat bomb + heatpoint=op


Hm, hi, yeah, before the heat bomb was already a problem, but now with heatpoint it became quite the burden… Why i see just guys with two heatbombs wherever i go? i’m going down the rank because i just find thos stupid players who rely only on that thing, making the good game becomes shit… I’m really tired already, even though i’m trying the best to counter it, sometimes i really think of give up this game…


Hmm… This sounds reminiscent of when FS was first introduced.

Sure, HeatPoint deals lots of damage. You know what else deals more? FS. My point being that there are phys or heat mechs who feel the same towards FS. It’s just about improving and working around obstacles like FS or HeatPoint.

If HeatPoint is problematic, it’s a matter of either your HP or your heat that needs improving.


Gotta load up on heat stats. A good heater will absolutely destroy those kind of guys. Phys with high cooling will also work wonders. Dual HB is actually pretty inefficient, even with Heatpoint, and you don’t see it in highest ranks. Keep working and you will overcome, my friend.


Its not HP the problem, its the heatbomb i’m having problems, some guys use two and that screw my energy and my physical because they are no meant to take two hb and keep going, yet… They are no ready, but because some idiots use those stupid strategies, that make me go down and lose to some ■■■■■■■ of a player who can even think better than use two HB.


I can take one just fine, the problem actually is to drain the guy out, at most the second hb screw me up, but i can drain most heaters…The hp is not the problem but use two HB and keep heating me together with HP is… its tiring, its a cheap tactic and i really think cheap and dirty…


Not everyone is willing to sacrifice hp and enery for the sake of 1000/400 heat lol.

I agree this dual hb setup is dumb, thoughtless and annoying. I’m sayimg this as a heater myself.


I like to fight heaters, but i’m getting only dual HB users on arena, come on, be a little smarter than this!!!


550/300 heat should be enough as long as you watch your heat cap, at least for a phys. One shot + cooldiwn every turn will outdamage pretty much any heater. With energy… you really just have to avoid those guys.


DuduSantos, don’t you’ve EMP? Just e-bomb them! :exploding_head:


Put three fucking cooling mass booster mythical level 50.


Lol (Off topic)


I would LOVE such opponents.
My heat mech and my physical mech have over 350 cooling and heat caps above 500.
So even 2 heat bombs would only cost me 1 round while it would mean that the opponent also loses 1 round from selves overheating and has wasted 2 weapon slots on those heavy 1-time use Heat Bombs.
So yeah, that is not the problem at all.

Most likely you are either trying to have mechs that can deal with all types equally and therefore end up as jacks-of-all-trades and masters-of-none (which means they work against other allrounders but suck against sepcific opponents - in your case mass heaters) or that you have set up your mechs against physical and energy mechs and now try to nerf heat types because your mechs do not work against those.

And 400+ heat cap + 200+ cooling is probably standard for any mech that is not focused on energy or anti-energy around rank 5 and higher.


There are many things I’m not a fan of (as someone who uses dual HB) (The only reason I run it is because I hate Energy and think that they are a bunch of sadists) that being said, I never go and complain about them unless provoked or b1tch about how the strategy is “stupid”. Energy LITERALLY disables most weapons after all. There are Anti-Heat sets the same way there are Anti-Phys or Energy. Deal with the problem through critical thinking or leave the game. Plain and simple.


Yeah, just think of emp as the same shit of tactic like HB, in that way i also hate few uses weapons…


Well, if it works, it works, just roll with it.

It shouldn’t be about hating; it should be about winning. Whatever it takes, man. :exploding_head:


But that thing is heavy as hell man… Argh, i’m gonna think about it…


Do i change one heat engine for a cooling booster?


Not fully ready yet, need some changes once i get the guns i need… i need to max my modules, but it take time to make 5 legendary items…


It feels like increasing Heat Bomb’s weight to EMP range (like 60ish? 65?) Would be in order.

Feel free to reduce the weight of a bunch of other heat weapons to compensate, of course. Like make Heat Bomb 66 and make Supreme Cannon, Desolation, and Abomination weigh 60.


This is wrong on entirely too many levels…

Heat Bomb doesn’t do any meaningful damage, it’s a support weapon for other high damage items. A dual Heat Bomb setup using a HeatPoint would be sacrificing a lot of damage and 100kg just to get off what, a single shutdown? So what if it can beat your energy mechs, myth your Heat Engines and come back. It doesn’t fare well against other heat mechs, physical, or energy heat counters. Like others have explained, it’s just too niche to have a spot in the current meta.