Heat Bomb and EMP nerfed

at last EMP is buffed soo much and heat bomb is too there heavy now .How do you think about the weight buff

I feel EMP need’s to be deserved within 50 kg.
But heat is fine.

I feel like that is fine.


yep its way tooo heavy

I honestly don’t care cuz I don’t use EMP or HB

buffed?? you mean nerfed right? (EMP)

im kinda sad that HB has such low damage… but it’s 50 something new weight is a good way to make sure people dont dual wield them…

emp on the other side… that’s a lost case

buffed weight

nobody in their right mid would dual wield a HB.
That wepon was useless the moment it came out.
This is how it functions:
You hit HB, and get 393 heat on yourself, at this stage, add also the drone heat, and you are at 424 heat alredy, add another heat wepon, to that combo, CL, that is another 47 heat to you, for a total of 471 heat on yourself… and you dealt 50 dmg, and 473+42= 627 heat dmg.
Even if you make the oponent miss a full turn(that meens his cooling is less then 220, and cap less then 400, highly unlikely), you lose half od yours to cooldown, and another half fireing for 50 dmg…
So in reality, you made the oponent lose a full turn, and all you won was half a turn, in wich you delt…50 dmg, and drone dmg…140…
If you would have fired a heat wepon, CL , you would have landed, 112 heat dmg, -24 heat cap, and 200 ish dmg, without overheating yourself.
So HB is just useless and pointless… it punishes the user just the same way as the oponent.
Ps: On a Zark torso, a single engine and booster lands you 454 heat cap, with 250 cooling, with some arena buffs, more then needed to take on a full blast of HB, and come back fighting.

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i’ve seen people pull off 2 of them just to shutdown the other mech for the rest of the game
they know what they’re doing

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Were there weight changes? I didn’t see them…?

Heatbomb from 37 to 50.
Emp from 27 to 70.
And heat wepons got … 4kg on average.

Oh I see. I definitely understand the nerfs. EMP does a LOT of damage on energy break.

Alot of dmg? Hits less theb last words… even on a drained mech.
440 max damage on a drained mech… with all buffs at 20%. Single use…70kg… useless.
By the way last words:
LAST WORDS (63) 2-4 Range 185-285 ElDmg 95 EnDmg-13 Rgn 1 Push 3 Uses(47/16 Cost)
7 times less resorces cost.
With buffs 300 average dmg with 114 drain…3 uses.

The changes were done, no need to discuss about a thing that will not change again :exclamation:


Thats not true. Changes were made to the Claw at release. It was discussed. It was changed. It was discussed. It was changed again. Then after a time, more discussion happened and more change. Now you’re petitioning discussion to have kick include 1 knock back on Claw?!? Apparently there is every need to discuss changing things.


Fear of energy mechs = drainophobya?
This might be new…
Or just selfish?

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Advanced stages are fear of sink, shower and bathtub drains. heheheh

Surely that’s not the case. I’m not aware of any energy mechs that give Besty any problems… unless its @lordgorgon’s phys/emp monster.


In case of dual welding, check out Montelemon’s build. Pretty original build, even tho has some flaws.

But either way, I think you take the role of heat bomb completly wrong. This weapon is not supposed to be fired just as a normal weapon. You ought not to fire it whenever it’s possible - because then things happen in a way like you said. Instead of, this should be a support weapon which you fire in case like when you face a physical, ~1000 HP left, negative resistance, and enemy HP is way over dmg you can do in single turn. You are pretty sure to be dead next round, thus now you can fire the HB so not only you won’t die, but you will also deal more damage with your mech (and eventually kill enemy)
Using HB just to fill enemy heat cap - bad
Using HB in emergency situation - good
Change the way you think about HB.

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That is why i prmote a slight berf to spartan.
You see Betsy never went toe to toe with EMP, without makeing 800 energy phis mechs with 2600 hp.
They didnt fight dual EMP.
And let’s face it a… 800 energy phis mech with 2600 hp, trashes any energy mech… that doesnt pack 4-6 hp plates(even mythicals).
Gorgon did, also he and missfit found out that against emp, regen was betrer then cap.
@Eneginner, HB no longer is a viable wepon. At 560ish heat cap, with 280ish regen… it becomes useless. And that is 3 modules only.Against a 4 heat module setup… you can pack 2 of them… and it doesnt work.Plus you need to have high heat cap also to pull a combo of it… and atleast 700, with 300 cooling to use 2.
And all that for 50 dmg? Could work for a heat anty heat build… but that is just slim.
I would rather hit an dawnblaze or a CL, instead of a single use bomb.

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