Heat and its OPness right now


Well, the energy free ones are op. The hb and emp are things which should have never been introduced. A decent phys mech carries 500 energy and heat. I have always felt like heat was op. You can still function without energy. Not so when you are shut down. Welcome to the world of counter builds.


your fine. energy is more op than heat is. with its emp DOING 100’S OF DAMAGE while the heat bomb does roughly 50. you. are. fine


Emp ~450… (but only if enemy energy on zero) and for emp you MUST take energy cap or you cant shoot from it… but for hb need nothing

P.s. hb anyway bad…


still. its damage.


DuduSantos: Heat is Over Powered!
Chicken Drink: Heat mechs = Noobs

I am getting confuzzled.


I mean being drained and smashed, but OVERHEAT keep getting in my way too…


We have similar thoughts…


Thats what i’m saying, but nobody gets that.


That i agree with you my friend :confused:


But you’re wrong. Here is why.

  1. Energy free weapons exist.

  2. You can still function while out of energy.

  3. An ongoing shut down kills your mech. Once you get shut down, you’re kind of hosed.


i am well aware. used to have a vandal, magma, hb, desolation and others. all require no energy.


and i never said something about not functioning without energy.


No kidding, really? :joy:


I know. I just offered a counter point to your argument. You can proceed to refute it or continue to not refute it.


While Energy free weapons are very useful they have drawbacks. High weight, limited uses and low heating.
And most of the time having low energy cap makes energy weapons even deadlier.
And maintaining a shut down or even getting one is often far harder than energy breaking someone.
Most of the time I manage just one shutdown, and that is rare (even with using heatbomb).
And any opponent that strategically cooles off makes it alomst impossible to shut him down.


If anything, heat neads a buff. Especially desolation and abomination.
In fact, abomination shall also be energy free i believe.



Are you fuking joking me or you saying that to benefit your own builds? :wink:


heat doesnt need any buff nor nerf. its fine

lol energy free abom. i see what youre tryna do gorg

when you reach rank 3, HB loses a lot of its purpose in favor of more damaging weapons


Some guys really have problems in this game…


Thats of course a neutral pov. The elec wheelchair would also need a tad more hp while at it. Also neutral of course.