Heat and its OPness right now


Hey guys, i’m here today about a topic that has been making me a bit sad… Actually, i’m a energy and physical guy, and i can get to rank 3 with no problems… But lately one thing started incresing like Hell… users of HeatBomb… Those guys are making 500-800 of overheat on me… There is no way you guys are really okay with all that unbalanced heat damage… I ask sincerely for a nerf on such weapon, cause HEAT is a bit too damaging already, with extra 472 of heat in you nobody cant even react.


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well it was the time for heat mechs to be good since 1 year ago energy mechs were the best,then phys mechs and now heaters


HB is the only semy-usable thing that the f2p players have.
It is more of an utility item then a wepon…dmg is pathetic.
To fight HEAT, you usualy just need about 3 heat modules on a Zark torso, and even an epic protector, and you basicly can withstand pretty much any heat.
If you accidently have also a myth ultrahot protector, you can sit and cooldown and watch as most of the Heat wepons hit for <150 dmg on you.
So i don’t actualy see a problem with Heat, especcialy with HB…
My take on this one, manage your acumulated heat better, sometimes it is better to cooldown then shot wepons, even double cooldown if once is not enough.



one res module on a zark will make a heat mech cry , its not that hard , even an epic one is enough


I’m talking about balance, not who is the most OP right now.


DId you press caplock while make poil?
Sorry everything I can think just is you used caplock while make poil :v


But how do i manage if my cooldown is not enough against 700 of overheat?


You mean caps lock yeah i did on purpose.


Thanks :b


that weapon is a double edge blade,it generate a huge amount of heat,which make it useless vs most of the heaters,and it give like 50 dmg? yeah…

and one more little thing,if you think that s sooo damn op why don t you join them?


It blocks all my way to counterattack at all, so yeah.


If i remember correctly both of your mechs have quite poor cooling/are more geared against elec and phys.
So that could be a reason that heat bomb seems op to you.
Heat bomb is highly situational, and often i don’t even use it in battles. It’s more of a deterrent to me.


Before crying “Heat Bomb is OP!” show us your mechs.
If you equip mostly energy modules, HP Plates and Protectors then HB is not OP but you simply made your mech weak against overheating.
The opponents I meet in Ranks 5-1 usually have a cooling of at least 250 and a heat cap of around 400-500.

Only if they plan to use a mech against energy mechs they cut the cooling and heat caps down in favor of energy regeneration and energy cap.

So if you can reach rank 3 with your mechs you should also see all those mechs and realize that your heat stats are the problem and not Heat Bomb.


Heat is OP only for those that have top-notch items.I’m talking about a couple magmas,showers and most importantly resistance.

However,the heat mechs you can make only with f2p stuff have to be the weakest of all three types.

So,in a way,I think it’s somewhat balanced.


Good readance… well sumarized.


I’m making one with 446 of cap and 254 cooling, its really just the enough since i have more problem with energy and physica rather than heat… I really don’t like it, but well, i’m gonna change somethings on my build and make one specific counter for heat guys, thanks :slight_smile:


I think it can be also because i’m trying to max my modules and some parts and that take quite some time…


3-4 max myth “cooling mass booster” will solve problem .


So you have more problems with energy and physical mechs but instead you complain about heat?
That lacks any logic in my opinion…



Serious note: on a phys rounded or on any elecs, 2 are enough these days.