Heat 2 weak. Pls buff

Im not able to be rank 1, playing a heat mech. @devs pls fix this

Physical > Energy > Heat

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Looks at LastOfTheWilds’ mech…lmao.

Heat seems to be the weakest now… Physicals only need to put high heat and not much cooling and kills a heat mech in 3-4 turns…


And a heat mech burns itself with is own weapons…


Earth fire thunders mech is god like for heat. .-.

Actualy… heat is okis atm… maybe tweack those items that are useless in heat line up…like desert worm, and that other top wepons… they both overheat you more the enemy.
And also the heron mark needs a slight buff( faces same problem as the other cookyourself wepons).

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