He told me: "join shiro"

No, my esteemed

I would die for the embarrassment of playing in a clan like yours. I could never look at my friends again.

“Honesty” for me is still the most valuable word.


I have been talking to this guy (learning a but of Russian too), he is one nice guy when you get to know/understand him.


These people from SHIRO really have me tired. And I have a limit to bear.

I have always been an honest player and I can not stand the thieves.

Shinigami (madao san), Kigblinc (the online account seller), witch, wild, golden age, robin, rutakota, corleone. All of them within 2 days of the new cooling module appeared already had 4 or 6 modules in their set of mechs. All players with Russian flag and in the same clan.

Nize is a recent acquisition. Nize had a normal account with Brazilian flag. Suddenly he changed to the Russian flag, joined SHIRO and from day to night he also appeared with new modules and his greatly improved account.

Sufficient evidence has been presented in this forum that Kigblinc was selling and most likely to continue to sell accounts on the internet. Why do not they ban him? Why do you have a site on youtube and advertise to SM? I am going to make sure that they also close his account on youtube, even if I have to put a lawyer.

But nobody does anything, the SM admins. are not interested. Do not investigate the accounts of these thieves, don´t ban to kigblinc. Nothing. Everything we say here falls into a bottomless sack. and they still hide the messages, as if the thieves were us.

These hackers go out in the battle to compete with us. They walk through the chat and through the forums, becoming friendly, as if they were the owners of everything. Like the gangsters they are.

And yes, I will end up leaving this game, but I will not go silent. I can assure you that. As Nancy named me.

In my life I have had to endure many things, but I never put the violin in the bag in the face of injustice.


I stand by what you say Nancy.
This has gone far enough. There is no action taken against this, this is allowed.
All these things are allowed, by you devs and admins.
Why are these thieves still among us?
Recently they have made several sub clans, in witch they hide the transactioned accounts.
They continue to use diferent hacking programs, exploit glitches, cheat currency.
And no action has been taken whatsoever.

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FFS, Nancy, If you leave, you will deprive me of my most valued opponent… And the fact that my most valued opponent happens to be a female at the same time is just… exhilarating… JUST TAKE THAT BULLSHIT BACK, WILL YOU?

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Guys today i just logged in to say hi to friends but i was shocked to see vinni a very old medal player had russian flag probably he got scammed or hacked too ( look at side player list i checked him he was real one as he had medals ) @El_Metre @Wepwawet @killymachine

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That explains why he didnt talk to me when we fight!
Bloody hell! Vinni was a really nice guy, funny and honest.


So you imply guys that VINNI is no longer VINNI but some Russian guy who scammed the account?? That would be horrid…


Well it would explain his odd behaiviour, and the flagg.


I have met VINNI in htk. And yes, he is a most pleasant person.

You would have to ask the same VINNI if his account was hacked or if he gave it himself, because there was a similar case, that of Champ. Champ also had a normal account. The account appeared much improved in a matter of hours and with Russian flag. However, the same owner had delivered it.

Maybe it isn´t about account robbery (or they would have hacked el metre and my account), but a purchase or maybe a scam convincing someone to hand over the account with cheats.

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Vinni isnt vinni… is some russian facker.
That pulled this one on me


Obviously he is a Russian hacker! The issue is, if the account was stolen or if VINNI delivered it voluntarily. Maybe someone who can communicate with VINNI can know.

Hahaha !! I have already noticed that there is something that Russian hackers can not copy !! They can steal modules, fusion ´n´ items, but they cannot get what we have the oldest players (and I will not tell you what it is).

fy, dirty robber!

R.I.P fake VINNI

He is somewhere in that (+46) lol


Do you see? There you has “NIZE” with his Russian flag, at the top of the ranking. He got there because he has 6 new cooling modules, 2 in each mech.

NIZE before was 1ro1 (with Brazil flag), had a pro average acc. When he changed his name, he changed his flag too (now Russian) and appeared with a super acc (modules included). All in a some hours. Now in SHIRO, of course.

1ro1 had a Brazilian flag and dreamed of a gold medal. But for him very difficult to obtain. So if he could not get it by the legal way, maybe chose the shortest way, the illegal one. Maybe… but here asking for the investigation an acc is a bad word, so don´t even try.

As you show yourself in the game, it will most likely be how you act in life.

I emailed this to Sarah, but I will post it here too.

Hey angry wepa.

nize its not hacked, and idk why he have russian flag.

maybe its bug like why vinny have rus flag.

he is a old reign member and still chat with some peoples, u can ask.

Good luck and enough to spread your lies.

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Why did I have a Ukraine flag Kig?

Lol, because you use vpn

You sure Kig?
Thought you made me Kiggymachine xd