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so, one of the things that kinda got me to stay in BD was the havoc eras. the ones Seth had with the millions of resources. that is a bit more noob-friendly because the idea of ordinary eras includes a lot of micro-managing and trying to earn resources and set up an income of some sort. with a world where you start out with millions of resources and no resource ops, it will give noobs a chance to experience what its like to go around with a large army and actually have all that shit that it takes time and effort to get on a standard world.

  • yes. we need a havoc-type world
  • no. we do not need a havoc-type world

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This is probably not going to happened as Havoc puts a huge load on the servers.
But i like this idea very much.


will there be rewards?


I just wanted you to know that I think you’re wrong and that havoc is dumb since you can build a bigger army or ion every squad every time you’re attacked, so a player doesn’t really learn anything about the game from it.


the main objective of havoc is to sit back and have fun after a hard fought era.
and by the way you are Dumb for saying havoc is Dumb.


The main objective of havoc is to let the admins canoodle around and have a break in between eras of REAL gameplay. I’m not dumb, but your username is.


Well its just a username.


Are you implying that admins are working hard? Joe canoodles around for 2 weeks before getting on, and then gets off for 2 more weeks. Havoc was a place to have fun and mess around and relieve stress


I had some fun times in havoc with loads of resources, played one era where my alliance had a competition for who would come out on top in havoc, we all left the alliance and fought each other. Winner got (x) number of reds. Havoc events/world would be sick, but I think the admins did mention it was a stress on the servers from memory.


Unfortunately, as mentioned, havoc can put stress on the servers if not done correctly. HOWEVER, this idea gave me a different idea that I may try as an admin at some point when I hash out some details to make it more viable and not destroy our servers :joy:

But I do believe it is true, havoc was fun for many. The serious players didn’t care about it because they put their work in. They were done. So havoc was free reign for the newbies to run around and, simply put, have fun. The majority of the big dogs were away now and without them holding everything down, the newbie can now experience a very different game. And just feeling the short exhilaration of beating things and having a larger army go around decimating others makes people excited and start logging more. With it, they learn a few things they couldn’t experience before. Ion Cannons aren’t used often during normal era. They usually can’t afford to build up 15-20 squads without being killed prior. They don’t realize the usefulness of spams until they run their 15-20 squads into someone else’s 30-40 squads because they didn’t scan or gather intel before not realizing the importance. They finally see big battles and how each unit type really affects it.

The things we take as common knowledge aren’t common to newbies who never get the chance to build in the first place. Experienced players hunt new players down to farm their armies for xp currently.