Having mid-ticker eras

So, i thought this would be a good idea. I hate how every world has an eot at #:00. Like, its 1:00 and i gotta do an eot move on 2 diff worlds im playing on. Its not too easy to do them both very close to eot. It would be awesome to have a 1-ticker that has a tick rollover at 1:30, 2:30, etc. That way people would more easily be able to play several 1-tickers at the same time. Have it be called “Earth 1 mid” or something. This would be pretty much like playing a 2-ticker for anyone that wants to play at 2 ticks per hour but doesnt like how slow 1-tickers are. You could also increase your chances of winning, since you are basically playing 2 eras at the same time in both of which you have plenty of time to make your moves but its not TOO slow.

  • Yes, this would be a good idea.
  • No, this would be a bad idea (post below why).

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How does mid-ticker not sound like a great name for a era type?

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I had to read this 3 times before i actually understood what it meant… BUT
I think its a pretty damn good idea


Why you don’t multi world :stuck_out_tongue:

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some of us have loads of free time, Josh. just because your personal preference is against it doesnt mean it is a bad idea. and isnt that kinda better for you? if you are fighting some alliance and they have players on other worlds, they will get distracted or disoriented more easily.

and about multi-worlding… how many games has @sasuke96 won at the same time? and i’ve seen other players winning more than one world at once. this also increases BD profits.


Fun fact; some people have timezones like +9:30GMT (South australia) which means they’ve had mid tick eras for years :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:


Wait you guys/gals actually play more than 1 world at a time !!! :astonished:

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This would confuse me and make me miss ticks :confused: i do agree it could work for some people though.


+5:30GMT(India) or maybe +5:45GMT (Nepal)


@Kaen agreed with you, all ticks countdown together and sometimes it gets confusing and u end up missing a few crucial eots

but few people are used to the the timer that way, i personally love the idea, but it will take some getting used to, so we might need more than just an event

lmn what u feel

Even i cant play 2 1 tickers ^^

no because my brain is too used to automatically checking the time before its xx:00

Also I think we should ban people who play more than 1 era at once, because they always play semi-serious on all of them and when they die they just win the easier ones. If all people were playing 1 single era we would have more competitive rounds.

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Excellent idea. Just keep an offset for all same tick worlds should be easy to do.

And what if we have eras in which Milan decides to screw up everything?
You will have to wait till the end of era to plant in a new world.
BD would die instantly

wow if one player showing up in one world means he will 100% win it then it’s a dead game already. it’s passive people like you that he gets the advantage from

Tell me how many times has this happened?

Milan is not the best. he is very good, yes. but not unbeatable. he’s very good at manipulation is how he gets quite a few of his wins. to lose to him, you either gotta be bad at the game, weak-minded, outmatched (as in, he owns most of the world already) or any combination of those 3.