Have you guys seen this? Robotics is really getting so advanced

It has an independent power unit, and is free-standing, exceedingly mobile, can carry weights and is also nimble.

The only thing holding it back is a longer-lasting power source or similar devices could be rolled out for commercial uses within a couple years.

What do you think about the future of technology and what other bottle-necks beyond mobile lightweight power sources/storage we have?

He can clean my toilet, dumb robot haha

Yes I just showed this video to my father yesterday. The future of robotics is quite bright, but Boston Dynamics is known to develop these for the military so the chance of seeing this outside of a battle field are slim.

Ehh, a lot of things which are first created for the military find their way into commercial use a little afterwards, especially something like this which I cannot see going into direct combat.
Some examples? The internet, UAVs and jet engines. They all started off military, but now serve commercial uses in a widespread fashion.

I agree, it’ll eventually make it’s way to commercial use. I mean, just look at drones! You can now buy them pretty cheaply (granted… the one’s you can buy aren’t nearly as sophisticated as the military ones). But personally, I’d ride this sucker like a frickin segway and boop people then run away (I’m a very mature individual obviously).

robotics getting too advanced

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We will reach the singularity and then a human-machine war. Jk… hopefully.

Here is some brain candy on the matter tho.

More brain candy. This one is a must watch.

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Yep, that was my absolute favorite video for a while, love it.