Have you ever cared about a pair of legs' damage?


I know when choosing leg many people only care about moving and hp stats :v

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Weight is the dimensional factor for me.


Ive used lightning supporters and sparked runners without needing a r1 weapon on mechs for ages. they have fairly okay damage. I also think devouring paws have a pretty good stomp on them. I always thought it was worth using them over the heat boots even though the paws have less HP because the damage is so much better and the weight is one less I believe? but in general, its an afterthought really. most mechs end up having a powerful range 1 weapon anyway. the only time its really relevent is when building a tripple bunker/magma mech but even then these days on the heat side of things you see people with these sparked runners as opposed to some paws because I guess the weight is so much of an issue for them.


In choosing a leg, I only care about HP and Weight. That’s all.


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Because it depends on what I build…

If I use a melee weapon, I only care about HP and weight (and mobility, sometimes)

If the build need some HP (by some I mean A LOT “some”), I go for the Claw, whatever the rest

If I build a mech that don’t use melee weapon, I might take damage into consideration


So ur choose is no ?


Hp and Weight


So close :V