Have problem with tokens in Raid


Hello, I have problem with my Raid. In first complete Raid each Tier, I dont get tokens.
This happen from beginning, about 2 weeks ago. After I complete Tier in Raid, I get tokens. But if I refresh, or this game will hang / not responding, my reward from first complete Raid will lost. I dont know what happens. It always happens :frowning:

Can you help me ? @Sarah247

I get 8 tokens from tier 6,

But It will lost if I refresh

Please help me :slight_smile: Thx


I know the team is aware of this, and from what they told me it’s gonna be fixed with the next update.


Thanks Splatter :slight_smile:


We had a patch (we are on 11.2 now) that fixed clan boxes issue, but ghost tokens bug is still there.
Since the team told me they had a solution I’m gonna bump this to their attention!
@Sarah247 @jonny @Mohadib


how did you collect 3 m gold as I eat expensive 137 k and not 1 m please recitems how to quickly collect gold


Sometimes fight bosses, like Bigboy hard/insane, or mission 6


How much time do you need to collect 1 million gold?


Maybe 1 month to collect 1 million gold