Have I used gold portals wrong?


Ever since my first gold portal, I always thought that the gold portal only gave gold on the first run… and then afterwards it only gave the gold which it listed on the menu, which is usually 9000 gold… however I heard some people talking about farming gold portals: so do they give large amounts of gold even after the first run?


Yes Danky, youve been wrong.
The people just finishing all 3 difficulties and stoping most likely do it only for toks and dont care about gold.
The gold value you get in these portals is regulated by rng. So when you farm its between 9000 and 68000ish gold.
Rng might be set higher for the first run, but its impossible to assess that properly.


jesus christ… I always saw people complaining about gold portal gold drops and I thought they were crazy… I only did them one for the 68,000 on insane!!

I would start farming these if fuel wasn’t so damn high…


Thats why Sarah said they were giving us a lot of gold for not much fuel in the cost increase annoucment…
Damn Danky, farming these in the passt could really get you large amounts af gold, like 350k per tank or close depending on rng.


no yoU dont, i have tried this scam portal for 350 Tokens, and the result are that all of the runs gave 14k gold only. They TOTALY NERFED IT, unless the 1st run of each difficulities have good amount of gold, the rest is SH%%^&*(


Ahhh no!!!

why did no one tell me this lol


I dont understand why they keep making it harder and harder for players to advance further in the game… I have been playing this game for 10 months now dammit… and I am still rank 6.

On the bright side, I just mythed the naga after many days of farming. It is a step forward, but still a long way until my energy mech is ready to go… I also need to find that last words.


@dankmementos because of money, of course, if you cant get resources on free, what would you do? pay, of course… like that sentence “money make the world move” or something like that…


Common knowledge lol


If I’m right, the 1st run give you tokens for completion and MAX gold, and then the amount of gold gave depends on RNG


Dankmementos, ah, too bad you just now realized the true benefit of the gold portal. It’s too late to think about farming it anymore. Eh, you can continue as you’ve been doing in the past since gold portal has been nerfed now.


SHIT!! I never new bout dat!


That’s rough…

Too late now to do anything about it…


i have tried this scam portal for 350 Tokens, and the result are that all of the runs gave 14k gold only. They TOTALY NERFED IT, unless the 1st run of each difficulities have good amount of gold, the rest is SH%%^&*(

Similar results, all 14K except for the 1st run

It used to be 10 Tokens on Insane for 9700 Gold, with about 1 in 4 chance of 28,000 Gold and 1 in 10 chance of 68,000 Gold

Now it’s 15 Tokens for 14,700 Gold and no chance for anything better except maybe just the first completion

It seems like these guys are trying to destroy their own game


They do, they do, step by step … with every single “update” = nerf :exclamation:

Making the game-process harder and harder for ALL players, instead of the oposite :exclamation:

I will never understand their game-management-strategy :exclamation:

  • players stop investing real money

  • players invest less real money than they would (if they would get something for their money)

  • players become angry

  • players stop playing this game

That sound not really like a good game-mamnagement-strategy :exclamation:



Best, in the search for more money they forget the tactic more simple to make good money… Just make good offers and good portals like before… i know that people on old portals wasted many resources on tokens just to get the itens, like the claw… but now, this last portal did become a pain in the ass to even play it…


Bestplayer, I think that’s Tacticsoft’s ultimate goal: make the game as hard as they can to make it last as long as they can while reaping profits. Key words here are “make it last long as possible” and “profits”. :man_shrugging:

It does seem strange that Tacticsoft is happiest (satisfied) most when players are unhappy by their nerfs. Obviously, this isn’t their intent, but it does seem like it.



Sorry, I couldn’t resist with a little joke here.


TacTic Soft are just trying to figure out a way to make you stop playing because they’re getting tired of having to sustain the game. It’s something I’d do…

Please don’t flag…


They would just discontinue the game then :joy:


They would end the game then bring back a game even worse…