Have fortune boxs been reduced

I have grind so many times. For two days I haven’t gotten any fortune boxs. are you guys having that problem too?


i only get commons… havent seen even epics in fortune boxes for a month as a week or so now…
it’s worst than it sounds (got 3 fortune boxes yesterday… all commons)

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no but the fortune boxes are mostly rare and a few epic ( with garbage epics anyway)


most of the epics i get from grinding are useless or i already have so im really not that exicted at epics from fortune boxes so ur not really missing anything from the boxes

Sorry, but how do you go after fortune box? the only ones i ever got were on bosses…

there’s certain levels that give fortune boxes…
first boss (lvl 6 of the dessert)
lvl 1 of the ice map
lvl 6 of dens overlord
boss of dens overlord

Ramboy has the best chance of Fortune Boxes.

Other missions have almost no chance.


i got 3 fortune boxes each one after the other at lvl 6 of dens overlord
alll commons

In my SM lifetime, I got 32 Fortune boxes form Ramboy. All epics.

Got only one box from OD6. Rares lol.

i wish fortune boxes had at least only chances of rares to legendarys maybe epics to legendarys

Well that’s why it’s called a Fortune Box. It’s a matter of luck.

If you get commons then you have very bad luck lmao.

well that’s why i wish it gave you at least from rare to legend
because otherwise its basically a silver box disguised as a premium box with some trashy Christmas lights
and tbh if your going to give the ability to get a legendary… then you should be able to at least get a rare as the lowest


For Fortune boxes, I kinda hit a few legendaries back then (Even giving out 2 legendaries .-.), but now mostly rares and common. Also really hard to find now.

i havent gotten a single fortune box for about 2 months except for the portals

Got one,5 days ago
Lm in it

Just a typical Fortune Box from BB, scroll further


Cool i got rolling beats,so fortune boxes have a lower drop rate but better chance for a legendary?

Well, one legend does not prove that they have better legend’s drop rates.

Time will tell us
Bb on hard?

BB on normal, I grind it all time despite people saying that ovd 6 is the best