Have any of you had 2 mechs merge into one?


Here’s a BUG Story I have. I don’t know if any of you have experienced this already…

I have 3 complete mechs on.

I decided to mess around and remove the legs of secondary mech, rotate it to the main and save.

When I returned to the lobby, I see the main mech became a combination of 1st mech (the incomplete) and the 2nd mech in reserve.

The incomplete weapon slots had weapons, modules got mixed… the mech is overweight… Funny. This was easily fixed by rebuilding the mech, though.

But the first time this happened to me I had a “phantom weight” issue. I removed all my weapons and modules and ended up with around 200 in weight remaining, and a mythical module missing. I assumed that the modules were “invisible”.

Well, this was fixed by logging out, quitting the game and logging in a couple of times, plus placing other items in the empty slots in the hope of swapping out the invisible items that was in a phantom state.

In any case, I am not making any legless mechs for a while. It is too troublesome…


Pictures please :stuck_out_tongue:


no more pictures available… sorry. I knew I should have taken screenshots… But that would mean I would have screenshots of every empty screen (5 - unlike the single screen shot of the old workshop)

Like I said, i managed to fix it… so I’m just putting this out as a wild BUG encounter. and hopefully be of help to anyone who experienced it.


I still have not happened to me … but I know more people than what happened to them


Thanks for telling us about this.
We will investigate it.
If this happens to anyone else please let us know.


I posted this bug in the old forum, i reported it to tacticsoft and its solved after the update, the solucion was take out each part of the fused mech and relog, that separate it :slight_smile:️:+1: