Have a salvage box

instead of just having thousands of items in my inventory, i want to get rid of some of them but i am not sure yet what i want to use them to upgrade. how about instead of having a lot of trash getting in the way in the inventory, having the ability to turn the stuff you don’t want into salvage? its a material used to upgrade equipment. and you would get the same amount of salvage that the item would give if it was used to power up some item, so this would basically be the same thing but without all the clutter
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  • yes, we need a way to turn useless items into salvage
  • no, i like to sift through trash just to find that one item

just use weapons to merge them with the weapon you need to upgrade
that way you get rid of item + improve your weapon

It used to be easy to find stuff in your inventory because they were grouped together, plus you have the scrollbar to quickly jump to one section of trash to another…

Fuse them away to make your weapons more powerful. That is the best way to declutter - specially for the ordinary items.

If only it were as simple as fusing it away. The thing is im a new player, still learning the game and seeing what works for me. I dont want to use it to power up some item that i will discover to be crap later on. I dont know what my playstyle is. The idea is to unclutter my trashcan/inventory of things that are definitely trash already (non-mythicals). But even the mythicals i have, i dont like some of them already. And i definitely have over 100 mythicals right now. Thats a lot of crap i gotta go through to find that one useful item.

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Kaen keep the reds always, then for the others orange its better but some purple are nice, just try and test
if you need a clan on mine all are welcome no matter the rank

on my opinion an option to do this would be cool, with an auto button would be even better that way you choose the quality of items to destroy them once, like a checkbox to kill xD

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i also say if they put the exchange and you got and extra flame bitter a boiling scope and an electron field i really really need them! xD

now for the other things
try to make mechs with a single dmg type
then see wich weapons combine better, some tips are those:
-for explosive you need to do heat, a lot, or just deal a lot of dmg with missiles, but you also need good cooling and a good max heat
-for energy you need to drain enemys energy as faster as you can and if you could do regen dmg its better, then its easy
-for physical… just put 2-4 big weapons that drain resistance an deal more dmg than the others
-for special items and drones make it match with your mech type
then if your mech its too heavy try to combine your weapons for cover certain ranges or to cover all

thats basically the wont lose miniguide, then just practice and find your style
i like simetry thats why i need more weight xD i feel my mech its ugly when its asimetric

At quick glance at the title, I thought it was red as “Have a savage box”

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it is generally a good idea to have upgraded mythicals. or upgrade them to your torso.

It is never a good idea to upgrade the torso.

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Lol i topped out my torso and legs. But not the weapons

Then let me re-phrase my statement. Torsos. You can have 3 - 6 mech builds to tinker around with.


Godmode, Lavascope and Hellfire armor are good torsos that people generally use. Diamond shell is tough.

Man… I wish I could have a fully upgraded torso. :open_mouth:

But yeah, I see your point with regards to having a thing to hold upgrade power… hmmm… perhaps building our own fusion kits? That way, we can declutter our inventory, while saving them off for future upgrade.

This would be helpful for old players with a crapton of inventory already, and with fully fused weapons, too.

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Savage boxes would be a cool idea as well. We need dis

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@jomz you gave me an idea
remember the craft system? why dont use it to create our power kits that way would be better than what actually have
Btw i like obvious Asian torsos they look pretty nice
i feel that last 3 upgrade levels are too much for a simple and little improve
im new here i only have all my mech to lvl 10 and torso to 13

I think they should give the inventory an update. Have for each section (torso legs etc.) their type.

Ex. Torso -> Phys : Heat : Energy

and so on for legs side wpns top wpns and modules