Have 1v1 and 3v3 back after you win 5 times

This was actually @CupidStunt’s idea, but it sounded really nice and would make a compromise for both the devs and the players. You win all your 2v2’s for the day, so you can do normal 1v1’s and 3v3’s.

It encourages people to win in 2v2 so that they can get to 1v1 and 3v3, and it also brings those two back so people don’t get angry again. Sounds like a brilliant plan to me. Both the devs and the players are happy.

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After having some fun actually doing 2v2 (weird idnit). I actually like this idea. Makes people happy and gets them doing more than one type of fighting.


wow, this sounds nice, like first completing a bit of a challenge and the being able to go back to what your good at (unless you’ve always been good at 2v2, then ur gud

Awesome idea! Should make both camps happy if it was implemented.

nice idea.

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  • I want it implemented,
  • I don’t want in implemented.
  • Other/Doesn’t matter to me.

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I have only played 1v1… so forcing me to play 2v2… tough.

i was planning on going 2v2 after I maxed out my main mech… hehehe…

Now that I have my myth Nightfall, 2v2 isn’t that hard. I can use my main mech to destroy both of their mechs. Unless if it’s energy. Then I’m screwed.

I also wreck havoc in 2v2.
I did some small adjustments to my setup and changed my strategy a little too.
While I can perform well,it’s just that I don’t like the play style by itself.

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+1 on main post

Fawcking20CharsBlock :confused:

I really like that idea… Implementation would be super nice!